• Fanfiction: A Glimmer of Hope



    Author: Gordon Pasha

    Radiant Hope thought she could save Sombra from himself. She was wrong, and it cost her everything. 
    Now, broken and forlorn, Hope has found herself in Seaddle, where she settles into a life of quiet obscurity and tries to forget about her past. But the past is not so easily forgotten, as Hope discovers once she crosses paths with an unredeemed Starlight Glimmer. Starlight, having just lost control of her town and on the run from the authorities, decides that Hope may be the key to getting her revenge and tries to enlist the crystal pony in her cause. However, neither is prepared for the past to catch up with them, and when it does, they are forced to undertake a difficult and perilous journey down the western coast of Equestria. As they move toward their mysterious destination, they will have to confront the choices they’ve made and the ponies they’ve become. But if they can get over their initial distrust and learn to trust one another, they may not only survive but find that rarest of things; redemption.

    A Glimmer of Hope

    Additional Tags: Hard Times Breed Better Mares