• Equestria Girls: I'm On A Yacht Follow Up

    Well I needed to get to this song eventually. It’s not that I don’t like it. But I can see something like this coming from Kidz Bop more than usual. And I’m also still trying to hold on to summer so let’s keep it going with a pop sea shanty whose title reminds me of that one Lonely Island song with T-Pain. Not much of a moral can come from this music video, but I would probably recommend sunscreen if you burn easily in the sun. Also to know that having fun with your friends is the best thing to do on a yacht that your school was able to pay for. Anyway, let’s get to the music and see whose summer outfit I need to buy for my person reasons.

    I think I’ve mentioned this already in my follow for Summer Breakdown, but I still can’t take looking at the obvious toy sale here with this boat. People actually being on a boat like this feels like it would only happen if this was a hardcore party boat not meant for teenagers. But then again I should be glad it’s not so heavily on the nose where it includes all the colors of the Humane 7.

    So I might be on the biased side in saying I like Sunset’s outfit the most. But I can at least say Pinkie’s fits her the most with her even curlier poms and candy hair band. Never would’ve pictures Fluttershy in shorts compared to most of them rocking the sun dress style. Even Applejack has a very flattering romper on that works for her.

    How to make your music video extremely dated trick #87: Make every pose you do look like it should be on a hip hop album cover. I have no idea what group they’re representing here, but I don’t know if they want to see this anytime soon.

    Yes dolphins naturally wear sunglasses while swimming in the ocean. Never heard of it? It’s why they’re tragically hunted down a lot by fishermen. Those sunglasses are name brand and the more expensive the brand, the more the dolphin is worth. Such a tragedy to happen to such beautiful creatures.

    Rainbow Dash: “We flossin' on 'em with our bling bling"
    How to make your music video extremely dated trick #35: Use slang that’s currently popular so that it hurts even more when your parents use it out of context later on.
    I…really shouldn’t have picked this song to do. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot the songs from both shows don’t use as much of the slang dictionary as this one. Some words kind of stick around longer and don’t age like “cool”, “fresh”, or “lame”. I don’t expect to hear flossin’ used in the next decade. Ah Rarity. Your beauty and fashion sense in sunglasses had to be overshadowed by really bad lines.

    Listen. I’m open to a lot of things. I don’t judge anybody’s…personal interest of preferences as long as it’s not offensive. But…what were we going for with this frame right here?

    All: “We’re hoppin’ on, so float along ‘cause EG’s on this yacht.”
    So along with another album cover shot, I did find this kind of interesting that the girls canonically called themselves Equestria Girls. That line could’ve had C.H for Canterlot High since this was a school trip, but no. It’s pointed out right here in the lyrics that they are, in fact, horse girls. I don’t know how this can get any weirder.
    Oh wait…yes I do.

    I had to include a shot of Trixie with bedroom eyes because I know it was wanted by someone out there. You’re welcome.

    Ok this was literally the second shot after the last one and now it feels like Humane 7 characters photo bombing background fan favorites. Octavia, Trixie, Derpy and Lyra. This is trying to be Slice of Life all over again. Now that I think about it, I don’t think we have a human version of Dr. Hooves to ship with Derpy or Roseluck. I wonder if that’s another wibbly wobbly time travel moment.

    (Editor's Note: So the line was "Exclusively, we're V.I.P" and I like how they have Lyra holding the letter V, Derpy with the letter I and Pinkie just pointing to herself as the P because she's Pinkie Pie. Legit thought that was really clever.)

    Oh yeah. I’m gonna keep putting them in here. Every single album cover that’s randomly here. It will not get old. Ok it might, but I’ll never tell.

    I’ll give credit to AJ not only not being sea sick in the music video like she was in Spring Breakdown, but instead of that, the give her sunburn. Why thy gotta do my girl like this? Can’t she just enjoy her trip out to sea? Or turn into a pirate like from P.P.O.V (Pony Point of View)? Also, great detail for the sunburn where you can see where her hand was resting and showing her normal skin color. Very good consistency.

    I love the inclusion of a lot of characters in these wide shots and you can literally pick out anyone. Vinyl Scratch as the DJ (I hope that was at least a paid gig or something), Flash and Sandlewood with Lyra, Micro Chips with his duck floaty. And somehow Zephyr Breeze, Fluttershy’s brother, not hitting on Rainbow Dash. Maybe she left the shot when she saw him here.

    I won’t say much. But…Octavia’s eyes seem to be on a certain DJ. And again, this shot was taken right after the last one. She went from being on the side of the speakers to being right behind Vinyl Scratch.
    Look, we’re on a boat. I have all rights to ship like crazy.

    I don’t know how I’m really supposed to feel with this shot. Is Fluttershy happy that the lobster wasn’t cooked or was she looking forward to all the melted butter she could want? But I’m glad to see Puffed Pastry back. She was a good character for Pinkie Pie to play off of with the whole Bundt cake heist. Good to know she also does seafood.

    And now she’s out for a walk with the lobster. I don’t know if that helps anything instead of her just setting him free into the ocean, but hey. Whatever makes Fluttershy happy is fine with me. Except maybe having a seagull just come out of nowhere and snatch the lobster up for lunch. Ok that's about as dark as I'll get. It was too sunny and we needed a little bit of shade.

    Another great shot of our main characters interacting with background characters. I will say this. I think I would’ve liked more of this happening only to make it seem like both the Mane 6 and Humane 7 interact with other people other then each other. I do have to also commend the video game cashier from A Fine Line not only being unimpressed by the floaty race, but also standing next to someone like Bulk Biceps. The last thing I’d do is ever be that close to elbows that thick and hope that he doesn’t swing those arms the wrong way and land me in the pool.

    Oh good. We’ve finally hit the more…stranger parts of the sing with Spike the dog being a hype man and mid song interlude. I wish I could know the reaction Cathy Weseluck had when recording these lines because I probably wouldn’t get through it without bursting into laughing. So along with ANOTHER ALBUM COVER SHOT, we also get a hype man dog in hip-hop wardrobe.

    Spike: “Worldwide, y'all! Equestria Girls crew! Keepin' it hot on a yacht! And it's aaaaaall good!”
    How to make your music video extremely dated trick #90: Use lots of air horns. Because those don’t get annoying at all in music.
    Yeah you’re not seeing wrong. This is really happening. So Spike also called them Equestria Girls crew so I’m still trying to figure out if this would count as canon.

    So I can say I liked Rarity’s outfit the most in this shot. With the diamond pin and the fabric off the side it has a Greek goddess feel to it. Twilight is a close second just because I like purple and the stars on the bottom are a nice touch.

    So it somehow turned to sunset in a matter of the entire song. They literally sung this song since maybe noon and now the sun is going down. Well…can’t say I never partied that long I suppose. And a good detail to only have the Humane 7 on the deck after all those character’s we’ve seen throughout the music video. But I will say this. I love the coloring they have here in this shot. The different shades of purple and red that color the water is so beautiful. Makes me almost forget a generic pop song that I just listened to.
    And that was I'm on a Yacht, a generic pop song that doesn’t quite live up to a lot of the sings we’ve had throughout this series and even the show. There’s been generic songs before, but this one felt like it was purposefully trying to reach the younger demographic (irony, what’s that?) I did listen to this song a few times before because I’m a sucker for anything new that comes out of the creators and maybe listened to it just to kind of chuckle at how silly this was. You got lens flares, air horns, dated slang terms, tilted camera and random zooms for maximum coolness, and lots and lots of posing. This is fun if you like the genre of music and the music is actually upbeat and cheery that it brings me back to pop music of the early 2000’s. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna look up a dubstep version of all the songs I didn’t like.