• Fanfiction Updates - August 27th

    Fanfiction Update time! We've got four today. Go read below. 

    Fanfiction: The Amulet of Shades (Update Part 15!)

    [Adventure][Alternate Universe]

    Author: Sparkle Cola
    It's been nine years since Twilight's ascension, and her relationship with her friends has never been stronger. While many things have changed about their respective lives, Twilight and her friends remain very close.

    Unfortunately, their heroism will need to be called upon again, but this time, they may not be enough. The Nightmare Moon Incident had one more complication, one final loose end. One pony, thought forever lost to the passage of time, returns. And she will have her mother free... or die trying.
    The Amulet of Shades (New Part  15!)

    Story: Synthetic Bottled Sunlight (New Part 12!)

    [Dark][Sad][Alternate Universe]

    Author: NorrisThePony
    Time after time, through chaos and through wars, Princess Celestia prevailed.
    Of all the terrible forces she could have fallen to, Flim Flam Industry was the last one anypony had expected.

    Synthetic Bottled Sunlight (Update Part 12!)

    Fanfiction: Magica Ex Dolori (Update - Parts 5-6)


    Author: Posh
    A wave of suicides is sweeping through Canterville. Sunset and the girls can't stop it.
    But maybe Wallflower Blush can. She just needs someone to show her how.
    A crossover with Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

    Magica Ex Dolori (New Part 5-6)

    Story: I Am Awkward (Yellow) (Update Epilogue Part 4-5!)


    Author: J Carp

    Description: Moon Dancer has been awarded a prestigious grant to study the Everfree Forest and its history, and so she's moving to Ponyville. In the midst of settling in and making new friends, she meets and becomes completely enchanted by a shy, animal-loving pegasus. But as these two nervous little weirdos start an adorable, awkward relationship, it becomes clear that not everyone is happy about this turn of events.

    I Am Awkward (Yellow)