• Fanfic Music: RedSpark - Light of the Stars / Yaks Stomp [Orchestral/Soundtrack]

    The continuation of RedSpark's epic tale through musical ways is here! And two new parts of the story at that! The first track Light of the Stars is a reflective moment at the start of the journey while gazing at northern lights close to Yakyakistan, and the OST-like piece will fittingly remind you of Jeremy Soule's music for the Elder Scrolls games (such as Secunda from Skyrim). The second track Yaks Stomp is kind of a battle theme, as it depicts the Yak's defense against an onslaught from a gang. Much zone damage was dealt thanks to their powerful stomps, and much EXP was gained that day! As always, check out a summary of the story in the descriptions on YouTube, and the full story in the fanfic on Fimfiction!

    RedSpark - Light of the Stars

    RedSpark - Yaks Stomp