• Fluttershy and Her Many Strengths - Editorial

    This is my first Fluttershy Day since joining EQD, and I wanted to write out something to celebrate my favorite pony on her special day. Though for a while it was just insane rambling in my head of every little thing I love about Fluttershy. She’s adorable, Andrea Libman’s voice work is wonderfully sweet, she has some of the most realistic and progressive character development of the group. Blah Blah Blah. For an editorial, I should settle on one area of Fluttershy’s character that can envelop her best and most admirable traits. That’s when I found the word that best describes Fluttershy. Strength.

    So for Fluttershy Day, I’m gonna go through the various strengths Fluttershy displays over the course of the series, and why those strengths are some of the many reasons I love Flutters so much.

    Strength in Kindness

    This might be an obvious one, but it’s still worth mentioning. Because of how many forms it takes during the show. Most of the time, this strength is shown through her kindness towards the animals. Heck, the scene that displays that she is the Element of Kindness is when she tends to a rampaging Manticore. Where the rest of the group charged in to attack it, she was gentle with it, and gained its trust to help get that thorn out of it’s paw.

    Whether they’re pets or wild animals, Fluttershy tends to them without protest, complaint, or possibly even compensation. It’s all out of the goodness of her heart. Because she loves animals so much and understands them in a way the ponies around her don’t. Tending and listening to those who can’t speak for themselves. Knowing when someone needs help even when they don’t say.

    And this doesn’t just apply to the animals; she’s always supportive in small and big ways towards the rest of the Mane Six. Not always in the best way, she stumbles at this whole “being there for your friends” thing like they all do at some point. But for the most part she’s the most understanding of the group, and is always ready with words of encouragement and belief for those closest to her.

    From her care for the animals, to the support she provides her friends, to how she’s willing to give a chance to those no one else really believes in. Bringing me to...

    Strength in Acceptance

    Fluttershy is not only supportive towards the obvious candidates, like her closest friends and adorable woodland critters, but also to those that many others don’t believe in.

    Her own tough love situations like her brother Zephyr; who she’s a bit more assertive with but let’s him know that she believes in him. Which gives him the confidence to reach goals he once thought unobtainable. Helping the FlimFlam brothers mend their relationship despite their past misdeeds, which helped expose a worse con man. Even the episode Daring Doubt where Fluttershy’s faith in a villain like Cabaleron might have been naive, but it lead to a whole new level of understanding and acceptance for all involved. And of course we got to give a shout out to Fluttershy’s biggest success story in acceptance, Discord.

    Controversial as it is, Keep Calm and Flutter On still remains one of my favorite episodes. How Fluttershy handled Discord’s reformation is probably her biggest accomplishment in the series. She may have only done it at first because Celestia asked her to, but she does find a genuine connection with him. Enjoying his company and standing up for him when the others aren’t willing to give him a chance. Even keeping her promise not to use her Element against him when he doesn’t keep his word.

    But this doesn’t make Fluttershy a “doormat”, as a very rude salepony would say, because Fluttershy stands her ground with integrity, and shows that just because she’s willing to keep her word, doesn’t mean she’s gonna be taken advantage of. When Discord goes too far with taunting the others about him not keeping his word, Fluttershy rescinds her friendship. Because while she’s willing to accept Discord for who he is, she’s not going to tolerate his more unacceptable actions.

    Discord has to adjust his attitude if he wants to keep Fluttershy as a friend. Making Discord realize just how much he wants that friendship. That losing someone who genuinely likes him and enjoys his company isn’t worth another chaotic rampage, where he’ll be alone again. Fluttershy discovers this alternative for Discord where he can still be himself, but can change his approach where his behavior won’t be as destructive. Which is a theme that kind of carries on throughout the rest of the series.

    You ever noticed how the whole reforming every other villain thing really kicked into gear after Discord? That’s because, thanks to Fluttershy, the rest of the group saw how building bridges can accomplish more than shooting things with rainbow lasers. (not to say rainbow lasers are never the option of course.)

    Once again, it may have been a royal mandate at first, but Fluttershy’s friendship with Discord grew into something special and meaningful for both of them. They hang out regularly, and in one of my favorite Discord episodes, Discordant Harmony, Fluttershy expresses how many new and exciting opportunities she’s been exposed to thanks to having Discord as her friend. Things she never would have dreamed of otherwise.

    Showing how Fluttershy’s willingness to accept others manifests in all sorts of new opportunities and connections. In Discord’s case that connection miiiiight have been more than friendship in the end, but that’s ambiguous at best and not the point of this post.

    I’ve often seen this approach the show takes criticized because it promotes the idea that everyone can change with a good talking to. And yes, some people aren’t interested in changing and are just a lost cause (something else the show demonstrates btw). But looking at what minds Fluttershy has managed to change over those 9 seasons, it’s not so much that everyone can change, but that anyone can. If given the chance.

    As Fluttershy says in Daring Doubt, understanding starts with listening. So unsurprisingly, some of the quietest people are the best at listening, and understanding.

    Strength in Growth

    Being a source of strength and understanding for others is one thing. Even a great thing. But you’ve also got to take time to find that sort of strength and acceptance for yourself. The lesson that takes Fluttershy the longest to learn, but once she does, she never looks back. Though just how much Fluttershy progresses in dealing with her shyness really depends on the writer. Some of them present this better than others.

    It’s hardly a hot take for me to say that Fluttershy likely suffers from some sort of social anxiety. She has trouble speaking up amongst her friends and strangers most of the time, gets nervous around large gatherings, and is reluctant to put herself out there when the chance comes. With episodes like Hurricane Fluttershy and Filli Vanilli showing this lack of faith Fluttershy has in herself the best. Whether justified or not.

    Believing in others is surprisingly easy. Even standing your ground when you’re trying to help them is. But when you have to start looking inward, find your voice, and summon the courage to use it, it is incredibly difficult for some. Maybe even a few of you reading this.

    Fluttershy shows something deeply important. That it is possible. To stay kind and accepting and considerate, while being more confident in yourself and your place. While there are hiccups in Fluttershy’s journey to this realization *cough cough* Putting Your Hoof Down *cough*, it’s a surprisingly natural progression of Fluttershy’s character. Especially for a long running, episodic show like Friendship is Magic. Where Fluttershy's shyness and anxiety sometimes provided laughs.

    Fluttershy’s own anxieties are realistic because it’s something she always has to live with and conquer every day, but you can tell she gets better over the course of the show. You can see quite a difference between the Fluttershy in Dragonshy, who was so scared of facing a dragon until the very end, to Keep Calm and Flutter On where she has her hesitations, but stands up for and stands up to the creature who mind controlled her just a few moons prior, to Flutter Brutter when she’s ready to be assertive towards her own brother right from the start. The difference in Fluttershy from Filli Vanilli where performing in front of others was paralyzing, to public speaking in a classroom at the School of Friendship on a regular basis.

    While I love a lot about Fluttershy, the main reason she’s my favorite pony is probably the same reason a lot of people choose for their best pony. I relate to her, and I aspire to be like her. There are tons of characters out there who are shy or meek or scared or quiet; but I have never seen a better portrayal of living with anxiety in everyday situations. That progress with it can be difficult and some days might be better than others, but it is possible. Achievable.

    Friendship is Magic celebrates Fluttershy’s strength since Day 1. Shows that she’s more than just the quiet one. That she’s reliable, accepting, kind and generous. Even in scenarios where others might not be as willing to inhabit those traits. And eventually she finds that strength within herself. Voicing her progress in a very elegant way in Fame and Misfortune.

    "I am more assertive. And yes, it took me a while to get there. But can you honestly say that you can learn something one time and completely change who you are?"

    I know it may not be an objectively great episode, but the Season 7 episode, Fluttershy Leans In, always stands out to me when thinking about Fluttershy. Because it’s the culmination of her development over the last 148 episodes. Even if her anxieties don’t get it the way of what she wants in that episode, they had dozens of times in the past. It’s beautiful and inspiring to watch Fluttershy stand her ground, even against intimidating ponies, and get the dream animal sanctuary she always wanted. Which is the closest Fluttershy ever gets to an external goal.

    I know there are a lot of people who aren't fond of Fluttershy. Think that she's too timid or never grows or achieves anything big like the rest of the group. Most of the time it seems like she's the least popular of the Mane Six. But many others, including myself and some of my fellow EQD members (looking at you Silver Quill), celebrate Fluttershy and her strengths. Both the ones she's had since the very beginning, and the ones she developed to overcome her almost paralyzing weaknesses, to become her best self. It's beautiful, it's inspiring, and it's incredibly important to see over the course of the 9 years we had this marvelous show. And will likely be important to many future viewers. Kids and adults alike.

    So for my favorite character on her special day, the least I can do help her get the appreciation she deserves.