• Cyberpunk Twilight vs Tirek Music: Koron Korak - Face Your Fate (feat. Twilight Sparkle) [Synth Rock]

    Not only making music but also drawing an artwork and making a PMV-like video about the pony story he's imagined, Koron Korak is definitely the kind of passionate and dedicated brony that I want to support the most. Daydreaming about a cyberpunk version of the epic battle between Twilight and Tirek in the S4 finale, the musician decided to put all those thoughts and feelings into the making of this fittingly epic Synth Rock track, with those cool guitar riffs and emotional melodic parts on the synth. He lovingly included voice clips from the S4 finale in the song as well as footage from it in the video, to make this story-centered multi-media fan work complete! All my love for what he did!!