• Discussion: Which 3 Ponies Would You Want On Your Crew for the Zombie Apocalypse?!

    You wake up one day to an alert on your phone! 


    Thinking it's a joke, you peek outside and see your next door neighbor gnawing on your mailman. Poor guy.

    But what is this?! You open your bathroom and there is a portal! The Great and Powerful Luna has arrived!

    She has heard of the plight that has befallen earth via the dream network or something, and after announcing it last night via the same network, has an armada of ponies just dying to play the latest real life zombie simulator! In fact, all of Equestria signed up!

    You can pick three ponies to join you as your survive the zombie apocalypse. Who's it going to be? How are they going to help you thrive in a post-apocalyptic world? What do you do first?

    Discuss below!

    Sweet Velvet is claimed. If you pick her Trixie will haunt you. Cause she's a ghost. Ghost zombie.