• Equestria Daily: All The World's Off Stage Follow Up

    Time to keep up on the road to the school play with another Choose Your Ending follow up. This time we’re getting more and more on the technical side of being a stage hand. Before we had problems like getting through an audition, finding missing props, and learning how to handle stress. Today, we look at how to move a piece of set from one side of the stage to the other. Yeah I would love to hear more from anybody working in theater who have these type of issues to worry about. Suppose it can make for interesting technical babble, but with the characters in this one, we might get even more complex in stage handling. Maybe some of these ideas have been used to move large set pieces across the stage and this is all completely normal…
    I’m very optimistic. Let’s see how Sun Shim deals with technical difficulties.

    So with a dress rehearsal going underway with some CMC cuteness, Sunset is doing a fantastic job as director. If Twilight Sparkle is running an entire empire well, I guess we can say Sunset could’ve done it, too. Only if running an empire is just as easy as running a high school play. But with many plays and directions, there will always be the weaker links that move the chain along.

    And Sunset is saddled with two of them. I swear they’re good kids that mean well, but would you REALLY trust these two with any form or responsibility? Granted in the pony world, Snails is a master of calm thinking when it comes to buckball and snips is…uh…decent spokesperson in “2, 4, 6 Greaaat”. Wish we could’ve worked with them more for character development, but we can’t all be like the CMC with the fly dance moves.

    So two young boys have to move an entire city onto the stage with a very flimsy pulley system in an even motion. Ok for their sake, maybe Sunset overestimated their collective strength. It’s not like magic where you can levitate things in place…even though there’s someone who can actually use magic to levitate it in place…literally in this very shot.
    And speaking of which…

    Twilight’s Idea

    So I’m glad that Sunset is just as smart as we all are when thinking about this. Of course Twilight can use her magical geode power to move a set piece like it was nothing. What could possibly go wrong with a power she can control?

    Oh right, we have to also remember that this is not magical princess of friendship powered Twilight, but tech nerd scientist and inventor Twilight. Our mistake Shimmy. Looks like the mad scientist has cooked up another random invention for her robotics club to move the stage…instead of the no-effort-at-all magic solution. Meh. Sure why not.

    So here’s our nice character development for Snips: he’s against technology taking his job. Which is a bit confusing since I would’ve gotten a lazy vibe from him to not care as much. But here he just comes off as a guy complaining of losing his job to either technology or immigrants.

    Yeah this isn’t dated at all…

    Well it looks like the robot was a success to use. This would feel like something you would see at a theater for pulling large things across the stage. Maybe not in the robot form, but at least having people pulling it from that side. Wonder if the robot can push it back into place for another take.

    Ah…so instead of having the robot go on the other side to pull it back into position, Twilight just uses her magic to reset it. I…I don’t even know what to say. I think the next image shows a good reaction, but I can’t help debating if this was a troll move on Twilight’s part or if she just wanted to show off her robot.

    Yep…I’m thinking both. But something tells me Shimmy finds this more of a troll moment. Maybe Twilight has been hanging around Celestia a bit too much now. Well isn’t that a bit concerning. Overall, effective method (in both ways) and pretty funny to watch.

    Pinkie Pie’s Idea

    Sunset: “I don’t think we have time for balloons.”


    So this is off to a good start. The person who’s supposed to be helping you move a heavy stage set is about to suffocate you with balloons. Sunset you may need to reevaluate how unhinged your friends can be. This face is Season One Twilight when she thought everyone in Ponyville was crazy. She’s not right, but she not wrong either.

    Well I can count this as something else interesting about Snails. He somehow has a fear of balloons. I can understand that with how loud they can be when popped and that you can feel a little bit of your soul leave when it happen unexpectedly. But what can balloons do for a heavy city set piece? Or maybe Pinkie is a really big movie lover?

    Hey that could’ve been a good idea if it’s possible in a cartoon with magic powered teenagers who turn into part horse when playing music.

    So when you can’t move a heavy city, you make a lighter one with balloons. It’s not a bad idea, but what can you do with the already built set piece that someone probably worked night and day to design and create? But then again, they probably should’ve designed some wheels to go on the bottom of it, too. Just saying. But not a bad idea to redesign the set into something more mobile. Let’s just hope there’s enough air in those balloons to keep it looking like that until the performance. I also can’t stop thinking that we’ve seen this kind of skill before when using balloons.


    Micro Chip’s Idea

    Micro Chips: “Surly brains, not brawn, are the secret formula to stage set backs”
    Dude, which of the two teenage girls that went before you are the idea of “brawn”? I mean in a fight against evil magic, I guess Twilight and Pinkie can hold their own, but there’s literally one with SUPER STRENGTH in the Humane 7. This guy really needs to watch more My Little Pony.
    By the way, who was running the lights to literally give him the spotlight?

    So pretty sure Sunset is over the Brainiac thing by now and Snip and Snails aren’t comprehending a single thing happening right now. I’m sure every nerd has gone through these looks before when talking about video games or anime. Now if only he wasn’t so snobby with his dialogue then I wouldn’t feel like punching him in the face. But let’s see if his brains can back up what his mouth is saying (even when I don’t understand what he’s saying at all).

    So Micro Chip’s idea is to make someone else do it regardless of saying brains will beat out brawns. Guys, something tells me he’s not as smart as we think he is. Or maybe he’s better with destruction science than helpful science as we’ve seen with the “Cheer You On” music video. And he would be the obvious choice to move something really heavy. Wonder why he wasn’t the one to volunteer.

    Bulk Biceps: “This lump of coal is gonna be cut like a diamond!”
    I see. Like all great actors who get into the role well, they put their body through rigorous training to get them the results they want for their role. Even when their role in the play is titled “lump of coal”. So…is anybody else smart in this one or is it just gonna be Sunset as the voice of reason?

    Well it looks like somehow Micro Chips got the muscle he needed and it’s not a bad solutions. Though a little concerning how he’s able to bulk up so much to move this stage set. I mean these are still teens. I don’t know what he’s doing or eating to get this big, but can teenagers really get this strong? Hope he doesn’t get any back problems later on in life.

    So yeah…this was too easy of a solution to be considered genius, but that’s just me. Micro Chips put in a fake article in Bulk’s magazine to say that battle ropes would help him get stronger. Simple yes, but I don’t know if I would call it genius.

    So good news, through a bit of manipulation, Bulk can help with pulling the stage set. Bad news, he flexed out of the train he was in a broke it into pieces. But at least Sunset doesn’t seem to mind. Way to go Micro Chips. You get the bedroom eyes from someone with cardboard lodged into her head.  Not a bad option if it gets the job done.
    So that was All The World’s Off Stage. A lot of cool moments with Sunset just being absorbed in the craziness that is her classmates. Snips and Snails will still only be useful when transformed into demons. And best of all, Twilight is deemed my winner in all the choices. Pinkie is a close second since her idea was at least something practical and Micro Chips can keep building his doomsday device but won’t hurt Sunset while taking over the world. Let me know which ideas you guys liked or come up with your own because somehow I choose practicality over creativity. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go make a balloon version of Jason Momoa for…*ahem* reasons…
    *jumps out window*