• The Smiths Ponification Music: Maressey - Some Mares are Bigger Than Others [Alt. Rock]

    You've dreamt of it, a hidden and undiscovered new Maressey album might be finally seeing the light of day soon!! It has a TwiLuna theme and believe me, you want to hear it because it's FULL of incredible pony gems!! As a taster, this pre-release of Some Mares are Bigger Than Others from the album, a ponification of Some Girls are Bigger Than Others by The Smiths, stars Faux Synder's very impressive and astounding vocals, and Freewave's heartfelt musical tribute to both MLP and The Smiths with that delightful instrumental. Really looking forward to the release of this album for the world to hear, and I hope that you're excited too! If you are, express it in the comments section on YouTube, Freewave would be happy to see it!