• Magic the Gathering - "Rarity's Loyal Admirers~" EDH Deck and Analysis!

    You got your EVIL "Everyone hates me now" Nightmare Moon deck, and a uhh... "sticks to the theme" Twilight Sparkle pegasus army deck, but what about Rares here? She's not quite as unique as Luna is, but her cost reduction effect is great for a card that only costs three mana to get out there in comparison to a similiar cmmander in Grand Arbiter Augustin IV that costs four. What do we do with her then?

    NOT control. 

    I am so tired of arbiter always being a control deck. I'm tired of anything blue+white being dedicated to control in general. Lets do something else with that color combo shall we? How about we focus on her Rare/mythic reduction via a deck all about BIG ASS CREATURES.

    And generosity. A little bit of that too.

    Deck below!

    The Deck List

    Commander Rarity,  Seducer of... Eldrazi or Something

    The first iteration of this deck was group-hug style where we buffed everyone with overwhelming generosity then stole it all with thief cards. She is a businessmare after all. The fashion industry is cutthroat. Probably.

    As much fun as it sounds to flood everyone with cards and watch them drop armies of horrifying everything 5 turns into the game with the goal to hopefully steal some (note: it never works), we needed something a little bit more competative. So we filled this deck to the brim with nasty stuff instead!

    Revolving around her first effect of reducing Rare and Mythic Rare spells by 1, we have only 17 cards in this deck that do not work with that mechanic, and of those 17, 9 of them are 1 cost or 0 cost, so it's really more like 8 cards that don't really synergize. All in all, if you were to purchase this thing in physical form, it would probably cost a couple grand. Isn't commander fun? Luckily you can print em out and proxy.

    Typically, you want to play Rarity early so you get the most value out of her cost reducing (including the two above) and prepare to use her as a way to protect your other high value creatures. Use the shadowbolt dashie for that. If anything, she will absorb a removal since with her out there, they won't typically be able to single target remove your other stuff if you always keep 1 mana available. Or 3 mana if you have a Minamo out and want to protect 2 creatures.

    While maximizing damage is important, it's pretty much never worth swinging with her since she's super weak on her own, and that just opens her up to flash creatures and condemn annihilating her. She's pretty much 100% utility.

    Accomponying her are an army of loyal, badass admirers who will defend their horsey waifu to the death! We saw her use her femanine wiles to control many a stallion in the show, why not a mountain-sized, plane devouring titan of pure death?

    Also tentacles. They have a lot of those. I've read your fanfics.

    Soldiers of Generosity~

    Everyone loves eldrazi. Look at how fun they are! It's so exciting to sacrifice half your field when Ulamog comes swinging on turn 5, or being locked out of half your deck when Void Winnower drops on turn 3. The group you are playing with definitely won't focus entirely on you for the rest of the game. Nope. Never happens. 

    EDH politics aside, these four are some of the more synergistic Eldrazi with this particular deck. Void Winnower really does lock things down for a bit until someone pulls a Swords to Plowshare or Path of Exile to get rid of it, and with the swarms of other nasty stuff you will be dropping, there is a good chance they already blew a lot of those.

    Unfortunately, most Eldrazi tend to be more beneficial when actually casted for their extra effects, so we are sticking with the ones that just annihilate or do other things. Except Ulamog, cause he's indestructably cool.

    And with your Eldrazi comes the heavy utility from big-ass white creatures. There are plenty of great ones out there with stuff like Elish Norn and Sun Titan being people's usual go-to, but I wanted to pick stuff that is more built around protection, especially since that Eldrazi you dropped earlier is going top piss a lot of people off.  In Sun Titan's case, there aren't enough 3 cost or less cards in this deck that go on the field, so he's a little lacking.

    Did I mention I really like flying? Cause that's probably kinda obvious at this point.

    And once you are ahead, you pull the praetor. What better way to protect yourself than to empty people's hands and draw 7 cards a turn? You can either get lucky and draw him, or use Riptide Shapeshifter to name "Praetor". He's the only one.

    So, half your deck costs 6+ mana. That sounds super terrible doesn't it? Luckily this entire thing is built around cheating cards onto the field and taking advantage of both Rarity and a few other cost reduction cards to possibly hardcast a few. You are most likely going to stick to cheating though, cause only suckers pay for casting with all the amazing artifacts and blue cards we have access to. 

    Remember when I said this deck was originally a group hug "buff everyone and watch the world burn" style deck? It still has a few elements of that, but there is a good chance you are going to have much nastier stuff in your hand and at the top of your library than everyone else at any given moment.

    Primaribly because also have a bunch of ways to influence what you end up pulling out. Sensei's diving top was the game-extending plague of Kamigawa to Ravnica back in the day, and now it's back wreack havoc in commander too! As always, be sure to take advantage of effect #2 if anyone tries to kill it. It's pretty much indestructable.

    Since we are cheating creatures out anyway, we might as well add all the fatties that help you draw more. You want to always have a gigantic hand with this deck. Combine that crazy drawpower with the Primal Tide's return-to-hand effect up there and once he's out hes' pretty much out forever. Nothing like drawing 4 cards between every one of your turns.

    If you haven't killed them with overwhelming force already, your crazy card draw combined with an endgame Omniscience should do it. Try to have a counter spell ready to counter any counters or enchantment hate though. No one will let this fly without some challenge. I had a few cases where there were 2 counters in my hand, Omniscience was cheated into play, and ended up using both counters to save it.

    Then I dumped 3 eldrazi and got revenge. Eldrazi revenge feels goood. Until they get revenge next game.  You might want to consider only doing that if this is the last game of the night and bribe everyone with pizza next week so they will hopefully forget that one time you omniscienced and forced everyone to sacrifice their everything.

    Continuing the trend of taking advantage of Rarity, we run both high cost, rare, heavy draw cards combined with low cost cycle cards so you can have some control over the top of your deck.

    For thos unlucky moments when Braids or Show and Tell backfire, let's turn a bad thing into a good thing and steal the stuff you gave them. Treachery even hands you an extra mana if you have Rarity out. This isn't a focus of the deck, but it's an option.

    For everything else, you can just completely obliterate it. Exile is the best creature removal, and we have the best 2 colors to do it. You can't be awesome without a ton of ways to make others less awesome~

    With how critical some of the cards are in this deck, you might even consider running more counters. There are better ones out there that could replace Disallow and Scatter to the Winds, but both of these take advantage of Rarity's cost reduction, so we need 'em. Spell Crumple is one of the only ways to semi-remove commanders, so it gets by with it's high cost and lack of synergy by making commander damage decks ragequit.

    Apparently Thrann Dynamo here has a mythic rare version, so you better run it~

    This is a newer card that no one wants to deal with while also giving you a huge boost early on if it stays out for any time at all. With how much drawpower is going around in EDH, it's not uncommon to cycle through the table and end up with a pile of 6 or more treasure tokens.

    Also Rarity synergy for reasons.

    That's about it.  Now go buy it all for $1500 in rares then get teamed up on for running a pony as a commander cause apparently people really hate pony commanders lately! Did a bunch of you pick up that Nightmare Moon deck on Tabletop Simulator and go on a rampage or something? It's a full on saltmine on there now once you reveal your horse general.

    How could they hate this face?