• CMC Day Discussion - Character Development, Episode Ideas, and More!

    Back when the CMC were introduced I remember the backlash these three faced by the early fandom with complaints leveled at them as taking time away from the Mane Six. We had just started to get to know the main cast of the show so we were clamoring for more episodes to flesh the main cast out, so, at the time, when a new CMC episode would be announced there used to be a fair bit of voiced disappointment.

    As time went on and the CMC grew as characters, CMC episodes became anticipated in the same way Mane Six episodes were and over the course of nine seasons we watched them grow as they not only earned their cutie marks but spread what they learned to help others seeking their own.

    So what do you guys think of that series-long arc and how do you think the show handled it in the end? What would you have changed and what episodes would you have liked to see in the show or the season 10 that will be rolling out in the comics? Were you lukewarm about the CMC when they were introduced?

    Talk about all that and more in the comments!  

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