• Ponies At Dawn Eternal Live Release Party Lineup!

    As the tradition goes, an awesome poster for the full schedule of the live release party of Ponies at Dawn Eternal this saturday got published, and you can check out the full details of what you're gonna be able to attend and at which time! Hype builders and pre-release DJs will perform: Kyderra, InklingBear, and Thorinair and his bi-weekly show Glory Of The Night in tribute to Luna! The actual live release party of the album will start at 4PM EST/8PM UTC and last for 7 hours, and after that, as we'll all be recovering from a massive emotional journey filled with Equestrian love, afterparty sets by Tremil and Bolt will be here to keep the party going and ease our difficult comeback to the real world. I love you all everypony, and I can't wait to party with you all again!