• Pony Lo-fi EP: Steryotype - Lofi Pon EP [Lo-fi]

    Lo-fi is definitely a very popular genre in the pony music scene lately, what with Tw3lv3 being on a roll and even planning a new Lo-fi album! Well, Steryotype has made a Lo-fi album of his own, and it's been released! Nailing the genre so well, the tracks are such top-notch explorations of the genre, delivering such smooth vibes and that kind of vintage atmosphere that takes us over for a journey in the sound, or make for the perfect BGM to listen to while studying or taking your lunch break in a day of hard work. You may be able to spot certain pony samples too, such as those lines from The Perfect Pear at the start of the opener song HoldTheLine that was released on YouTube previously! The whole EP is such a gem, and another proof that the community will ponify absolutely everything including every music genre!
    Download the EP from Bandcamp here!