• New Pony Game, 'Dimensional Shift', Seeking Programmers and More for Team!

    A new pony game is in the works from some veterans in the pony game scene! Called Dimensional Shift, the game is a "first-person, story-driven, linear adventure game" which takes inspiration from games like Metroid Prime and Amnesia: The Dark Descent all while adding their own unique twists to the mechanics.

    With such games as Ambient White, The Ponies, Ashes of Equestria and Starved for Light as some of their credentials it appears that this coming together of talented minds promises to be one of their biggest undertakings yet.

    They are still very early in the development phase and are currently looking for UE4 programmers primarily, but have other positions that need filling as well. Positions are also paid, so if you're looking for some scratch on the side while helping out with a pony game this might be right up your alley!

    Check on after the break for full details on the project as well as a sampling of concept art and a conceptual soundtrack for the game.

    Game Pitch: 
    Dimensional Shift is a first-person, story-driven, linear adventure game which takes great inspiration from games like Metroid Prime and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but there is something about Dimensional Shift which makes it unique; nearly every part of the game is a puzzle—from the enemies, to physical obstacles, to the very menus themselves—and each of these puzzles are integrated in an organic fashion which makes them seem as if they are not contrived.

    They're Hiring And They Pay: 
    Valiant Studios is unique among MLP game development teams in the sense that it is one of the few that actually pays its workers. While it is not as much as a larger, triple-A studio, Dimensional Shift does indeed operate on a multi-thousand dollar budget which comes directly out of the pockets of the two project leads: Saphire Systrine and Vortex Zero. Our team are currently accepting applications for many positions, primarily UE4 programmers, for which we will pay up to $4,000 (or more depending on quality) for their work. Please join dedicated discord server if you wish for updates and further information, as staff will be there regularly: https://discord.gg/jrPNWMA

    For any potential applicants please send an application to [email protected] containing any past experience you have along with a portfolio of your work.

    Concept Art:

    Click for Full

    Twitter: Calpain