• Fluffy Pony Music: Koron Korak - Fluffin' Gaming [Soundtrack]

    Making a cute-sounding song while thinking about a very fluffy pony, Plumette (the OC of the Princess of Fluff - who can have a very cool look too), and then editing a ponification video for the song showing Mario escorting Fluttershy to her beloved Rarity, echoing Mane In Green's ship... Yes, it is a Koron Korak song alright! You know it by now, the dedication to ponies of the musician is growing stronger with every new upload, and it was only a matter of time for him to make such a song brimming with inspiration from the master of fluff. The cute melodies and 8-bits sound flair lend themselves very well to the Super Mario Bros ponification, and with the many details crafted with love that the video holds, this fluffy experience of art and love is making for such a heart-warming moment! Let's all give big hugs to Koron everypony!