• Silent Falleym 3 Offiically Released

    Creepy ponies? Sure! We've got another Silent Falleym from the same team as last time rockin those silent hill vibes with adorable horses as the protagonists.

    Head on down below the break to check it out!


    Silent Falleym 3 is a new look on the franchise. Combined with two genres: Psychological and Nightmare Horror. The game has founded own path outside other parts. Still, it's part of Silent Falleym family. Especially to BronyCon event, we glad to announce such game. It's not a direct continuation of Silent Falleym 1, 2. It's spin-off and vision of another side of the nightmare. Rusty, bloody, disturbed, hard. As and Silent Hill, Silent Falleym continues to immerse the player into own madness and force him to fight for life.

    Thank you for your support! Don't forget to join our discord channel, since there you can make suggestions and as the community part to affect on development with your ideas. Good holidays and BronyCon!