• RARITY Music & PMV: Rarity Advocate - Rarity [Orchestral]

    Yes, there's "Rarity" 3 times in the title, but 1) it can't be helped, 2) this song calls for it, and 3) you can never have enough RARITY!! Everypony, this is a momentous release. Having met Rarity Advocate at BronyCon and witnessing his love for Rarity in person, when I saw the upload notification for this I just knew that it was gonna be a heartfelt tribute to her, but the musician went even farther, and in addition to his musical composition matching Rarity's character, made a full-fledged PMV to accompany it, full of scenes of her fabulous self!! And that switch-up to a part focused on Rarity's creative process while making dresses, was such an amazing idea, orchestrated so brilliantly!! Watching this PMV while listening to the music is one of the best things ever. Appreciating Rarity Advocate's tribute as we can relate, feeling all that love, sharing emotion and pony feelings... This is just the best.