• Ashes of Equestria - Wave 5.5 Released (Fallout Equestria Game)

    The in-production Fallout Equestria themed pony game "Ashes of Equestria" has dropped it's 5.5 update, introducing a whole slew of new content items and fixes to their previous builds. They also have a pretty rockin graphic update that greatly improves the overall visual quality.

    Head on down below for the patch notes and link!

    “Ashes of Equestria is a 3d Action RPG game set in Ponyville based on Fallout Equestria written by Kkat. Wave 5.5 focuses on bug fixing and performance improvements, adding new systems like an achievement system, consumables and additional character customisation options. Enemies old and new have been improved, and the games structure now requires exploration of Ponyville to learn new spells and gain better weapons and armour. “

    • Ponyville map has gone through bug fixing and improvements, new grey-box/model assets used to populate the map.
    • Starting zone is now in Sweet Apple Acres and the old item platform was removed. Items and weaponry are now placed across the town, so you'll need to explore to find the good stuff.
    • A new achievement system to track your progress as well as fun little objectives to complete.
    • New weapon (Zebra Assault Rifle) added to the lineup, as well as new edible consumables like food and drinks. Magic has also been changed so that you have to find magic scrolls for new spells dotted across the map. Your Pipbuck will now also give you more stats and information in regards to these new items.
    • Male pony raiders have been added and old enemies like Radroaches and Bloatsprites return. In addition Raiders and Protectiponies have regained the ability to speak again.
    • Visual enhancements like improved pony eyes and horn magic effects.
    • New character customization options such as horns, body paint and height.
    • Console command access, allowing the usage of a few cheats we use internally for testing, and some shenanigans.
    • Fixes and improvements to music and audio.
    • And more

    Download page here!