• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IX: Makeup Day

    Over the many years that I have been in this fandom I have always been amazed at the amount of imagination, creativity and sometimes off the wall ideas the fans come up with. This of course also applies to our thoughts on what episodes the show should have in the future and you guys came up with some good ones...along with some other bright ideas.

    For today we managed to bring in 100 ponies bringing us up to 1174 ponies in total! Let's keep it up everyone!

    Now, usually this would be the time for prompt 10, but considering that July 4th falls on prompt 10 and I assume many of our US artists will be busy with family and friends I have decided to move the Makeup Day up in order to give prompt 10 a better shot at getting more pictures for it when it comes up.

    So for today guys, you'll be doing a Makeup Day! Any prompts you missed, want to return to or, if you're all caught up, just want to relax that is all up to you. Check after the break for our prompts so far.

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    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload

    Art Tutorials 

    Day 1: A Pony Standing / A Pony Holding the Line
    Day 2: A Mobile Pony / A Pony Showing Off Their Moves
    Day 3: A Pony Seeking Guidance / A Pony in Need of Schooling
    Day 4: A Pony reaching the breaking point / Draw a broken pony
    Day 5: A Pony grasping victory from the jaws of defeat / Draw a pony filled with determination
    Day 6: Draw a boasting pony / Draw making a name for themselves
    Day 7: Draw a pony’s darkest secret / Draw a sneaky pony
    Day 8: Draw a pony doing something you like to do / Draw your OC’s special talent
    Day 9: Draw an episode idea you’ve always wanted in the show / Draw a pony with a bright idea

    1 The One Thing Trixie is Good For - Arkadios

    Art image 1
    When all the teacups
    Are in the dishwasher
    Who ya gonna call?

    2 Twilight's Bright Idea - Alexander Williams

    Art image 2
    Twilight had the bright idea to get Sunburst to brighten his house.

    This took me much longer than I’d like to admit to draw.

    3 A Derpy Hooves Episode idea - Daimando

    Art image 3
    Let's all go to Muffin Land, everyone.

    4 Atg201909 - ManDuMustBasukaNemen

    Art image 4
    Archery episode �

    6 An episode idea - RainbowDash1804

    Art image 6
    I always wanted to see a take on gladiatorial fights. I just like angry ponies. And an arena full of them just seems to nice of a visual to pass on.

    7 Gleeeee - Wolfy

    Art image 7
    After yesterday's deciding what to draw Autumn's rather pleased with all her bright ideas for all the ATG prompts so far.

    10 Dragonshy 2: The Dragoning - Pixel Grip

    Art image 10
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who still wants to see that supposed episode where Fluttershy turns into a dragon Tabitha St. Germain mentioned by in 2013. Now that the show is ending, it begs the question whether this was a real episode that never got off the ground or a joke Tabitha made to screw with bronies. Guess we’ll never know.

    12 Hollow Shades - Star Shine

    Art image 12
    Before the season 7 finale I liked the idea that Hollow Shades was a place where bat ponies lived separate from the rest of Equestria. It would be great to see them explored in the show.

    14 An Absolutely Brilliant Episode - Th3iPodM0N

    Art image 14
    Tonight on BBC 2, Top Gear's Jeremy, James, and Richard go traveling to somewhere that only Hammond could've dreamed of...

    15 A Bright Idea - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 15
    Fiesta, when he is not busy planning or baking something, sometimes sits down to ponder life. Every once in awhile he reaches an 'Eureka!' moment. This time it was to help Kricket come up with a way to draw more crowds to her next concert. She isn't too wild about the idea, but polka enthusiast Tony is totally down for it.

    22 Bright Idea - LizardWithHat

    Art image 22
    Don't feeling to bright with this one... :|

    24 Sunburst - Shiba Roll

    Art image 24

    25 Zecora - Summer Gem

    Art image 25
    Who else wants an episode focusing on her backstory?

    26 Founding of Equestria - Frown Factory

    Art image 26
    I require more lore

    28 I got nothing - Velvet

    Art image 28
    (I did have an idea, but it would take way longer than what my skill and time would allow...)

    29 How to crack nuts - Ragmo

    Art image 29
    Today our hero's discussing a brilliant idea by Heath Robinson on how to crack some nuts - this might actually work.

    31 NATG2019 - DAY9 - Pinkie Bright - DarkDabula

    Art image 31
    "Pinkie seems to have a bright idea !"

    33 Late Night Reading - Starswept Dusk

    Art image 33
    Remember doing this when you were younger? Staying up late with a torch under your duvet with a comic?

    Button was drawn entirely with Blenders Grease Pencil. I applied an effect through an empty/null to shine light on his comic from his torch.

    35 Day 9 - The Harmony War - Silverwind

    Art image 35
    Be Aware - My FA Gallery may contain NSFW Images

    I've always wanted to see Celestia and Luna in serious mode, kicking some flank. I armoured them up, and Twilight too. I had the idea of her trying to understand why the battle was necessary, and Celestia pointing out the hardest friendship lesson: Sometimes people just aren't interested in being your friend, as part of a huge battle with equally huge stakes.

    36 Daddy Discord - Cocodrilllo

    Art image 36
    Screwball & Discord episode/alternative art style episode.

    38 NATG 2019 Day 9 : Who will be the 1 daredevil team - Devinbay

    Art image 38
    LD: "You really think your stupid Wonderbolts can really beat The Washouts?" RD: "Well obviously yeah, that and there not a team that almost injuries my little sister!" LD: Hey she at least she has taste of who she thinks its a better team." RD: "At least I take care of her better than you." Both: "May the first daredevil team win."

    39 Cozying Up - Bright Idea

    Art image 39
    Something I've always wanted to see in the show:
    Just imagine if the plot for "Marks for Effort" had been about Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon meeting Cozy Glow instead of the CMCs? They'd have far more reason to want to attend Twilight's School of Friendship, and being recently redeemed it would be a great way to explore themes of helping others be better people and simultaneously working on bettering oneself.

    40 Duet - M.W.

    Art image 40

    41 The First Dawn - Vert Ayara

    Art image 41
    An episode I've been wanting is one properly going into the past of the Two Sisters, no legends or stories, just truth. They've been persistently through the show been so mysterious but alluring. Though I'm glad we've had time to get to know them as just themselves.

    43 - AmarthGul

    Art image 43

    44 Lunas Jealousy - Settop

    Art image 44
    I've always wanted to see what it was like before Luna was banished in the show

    45 Lightbulb Cute - InanimateLotus

    Art image 45
    Here is Herbal Remedy (Rem) holding a lightbulb. Being a cute.

    47 IDG4 - YewDee

    Art image 47
    Aliens - maybe not full scale invasion stuff. Cute Space Ponies with Hi-Tech magic!

    50 The Wedding of Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon - Vixenwolf123

    Art image 50
    Now that we've had a canon same-sex couple in the show, it's time for Starlight and Trixie to tie the knot!

    51 Idea - Ohemo

    Art image 51

    53 - Pirill

    Art image 53
    Quit denying her rightful episode!

    54 Mad With Power - Nevaylin

    Art image 54

    55 ATG 2019 - Day 09 - Renarde-Louve

    Art image 55
    OK that was not a great idea but that was funny

    56 Day 9: An episode idea - Tun Rae

    Art image 56
    Are you telling me you wouldn't watch an episode centred around these two getting up to spy shenanigans. A pro, and a rookie, madly in love! Er, I mean. A pro, and a rookie, BEST OF FRIENDS!!!

    59 But Mom! - Stardust/Dafiltafish

    Art image 59
    I've always wanted an episode with either kid-princesses or teenager princesses AND I would love to see Tia and Lulu's parents.

    61 - aeman

    Art image 61
    Low-key I genuinely wanted durians to appear on the show but it never happened

    62 2019 ATG IX - Day 9 - Chronicles - KirbyLiscious

    Art image 62
    "Princess Celestia, would you be willing to regale tales about the distant past to me? I would love to hear about your adventures!"
    "Why, that's a wonderful idea, Twilight! I would be happy to do so. Let me tell you about..."

    63 Bored - Novaintellus

    Art image 63
    If I'm understanding this passage right, then this sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

    66 The Good Old Days - Allonsbro

    Art image 66
    I've wanted to see these two in the show for a while.

    67 Bright Idea - SnowfallMountain

    Art image 67
    He's going to be thinking of CHOCOLATE... lots of it.

    70 Philomena - PalominoPone

    Art image 70
    One thing I've always wanted to see is the story of how Celestia and Philomena met. Philomena never really showed up again after her debut, but I think there are a lot of interesting stories to tell about the time period when Celestia and Luna first started ruling Equestria.

    71 Shark pony fixes Jaws - TheYellowCoat

    Art image 71
    Friend's shark pony comes up with an idea to fix Jaws' ending.

    73 ATG IX Day IX - RizDub

    Art image 73
    I've always wanted to see a more fleshed-out scenario where the pony and Equestria Girls counterparts meet each other. The idea has been touched on a few times, but it's never been explored very fully. I guess that's what fanfiction is for.
    And I know it wouldn't look quite like this - they would actually end up looking identical since the portals change whoever goes through them - but I just drew it like this for clarity's sake.

    74 Obligatory Skydiving Episode Idea - phallen1

    Art image 74
    She's a yak with a bright idea, anyway. Hey, it hits both of the prompts!

    76 The Dunes of Saddle Arabia - t72b

    Art image 76
    Always wanted the show to explore Saddle Arabia. Also hoping that they would add in some sort of dune influence or references. sort of a redo of another picture I made a while ago

    77 - Scarfanon

    Art image 77

    79 I'll Fly - SupermarineSpitfire

    Art image 79

    81 Kerfuffle's Bright Idea - thevintagepone

    Art image 81
    I wanted an excuse to draw her

    86 History of the Sun - KorenCZ11

    Art image 86
    If we ever got an episode about Celestia's history, it wouldn't be enough because I demand at least a season to cover it.

    87 Growing Pains - Justin K

    Art image 87
    I would love another angsty Rumble episode.

    89 Bright Idea - Frith

    Art image 89
    Fluttershy has recruited the help of an Equestrian tree nymph butterfly, genus Idea. These big flashy butterflies are known locally as Bright Ideas. Brighter than a lantern full of fireflies, Bright Ideas are useful for lighting your way in the dark. Hobbling about on three hooves, not so great. When I started this, I thought the butterfly was going to be much larger in the picture.

    90 Pinkie's Best Idea ever - Heir of Rick

    Art image 90

    91 - SazerLite

    Art image 91

    92 Ebony's Big Idea - EbonyCrystal1986

    Art image 92
    It was about three months into her days in Magic Kindergarten and Ebony noticed some of her classmates were getting their cutie marks and she was still a blank flank. She had tried everything to get it, but so far she didn't have any luck. One day after school however, she noticed a huge sign up in the hallway on her way out to get her things. In big letters it read: ART CONTEST! GET CREATIVE! WIN PRIZES! It was then and there she got a big idea! What if she was to win that contest! Maybe she'd get her cutie mark, too just like her friends! At that news she couldn't wait to go home and get started practicing right away! Of course in the end she DID end up winning a prize, but even though she didn't get her cutie mark, she found something better, the joy in being creative and putting the smiles on other ponies' faces in her artwork. Little did she know, that art contest would change her life forever come graduation...!

    94 Fringe Logic - thattagen

    Art image 94
    I've always wanted Equestria Girls to do something with Sunset Shimmer's original human counterpart. This sort of episode would also explore parallel universe consequences and a whole lot of references to Fringe .

    95 What Happened Behind the Scenes in Tartarus - TaichiKeaton

    Art image 95
    Shal, Demon Lord of Sloth, is informed that two prisoners had escaped from Tartarus during the guard shift of one of his loyal and lazy soldiers. Doesn't look like he's too perturbed about it though.

    98 Idea of a Better World - Toisanemoifs

    Art image 98
    Not gonna add much to this to remind myself of my off days

    100 Day 9 - Idea! Frazzle Cocoa - Light From The Void

    Art image 100
    True story: crushed red pepper will have a chemical reaction to most/some commercial cocoa mixes that's most...surprising. Like a chili flavored chocolate bar exploded in your mouth. Results will vary.

    This needs color so badly... But still not fast enough.

    101 Princess Luna 8 Bit Idea (pixel art) - SuperHyperSonic2000

    Art image 101
    Here's a pixel art I recently did of Princess Luna finding her 8 bit idea. I hope you guys like it.

    Twitter: Calpain