• More Pony Music! Creativity All Around In The Sound

    Venturing through the roads less traveled is fun and rewarding! Come witness some fine examples, along lots of other treats from the wide and active pony music scene! Your journey starts below the break!

    1. The Empty Tomb - Chilling with Tavi
    Instrumental - Trap/Hip Hop
    Relaxing, deep, all around very lovely along that title and cover art!

    2. RottenTotten - At the Break of Day
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Released on Twilighlot's channel along some epic visuals, RottenTotten's newest orchestral beauty is a bittersweet yet intense piece about Daybreaker!

    3. Thrasher & Velvet R. Wings - The Forgotten Reality Of A Hero's Ascension (feat. SDreamExplorerS)
    Vocal - Metal
    Emotional and epic beyond measure, this is what happens when such a dream team gathers to synthesize previous tracks into a brand new harmony of sounds and vocals! You heard it on Ponies at Dawn Skyward!

    4. Kakofonous A. Dischord - Miracle Tonic
    Instrumental - Experimental
    For his contribution to Ponies That Yawn Altitude Aviation, our beloved leader of noise.horse built a whole track solely out of the sample "Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic" from the song of the same name! Not only impressive, it also showcases the creative values that Kako is striving for and it's so awesome!

    5. Tw3Lv3 - I'm Sorry
    Instrumental - Liquid Drum & Bass
    Tw3Lv3 is on a roll, and this new DnB treat is quite deep and emotional!

    6. Etherium Apex - Out On My Own (Covering Daniel Ingram)
    Vocal - Orchestral
    Always honing his vocal skills through various covers, this one is a complete take on the emotional show song Out On My Own, with a beautiful piano, and very impressive vocals that are definitely a delight!

    7. Complete Disregard for Pony Life - Paino
    Instrumental - Noise
    An experience in the dark, it is a delight provided you are open to this genre! This is Noise done very well! Also check out the other recent releases from the musician, Last Minute Rainbow Sex and Bad Trip!

    8. AnimatronicPony - Pony OS
    Vocal - Experimental
    Part of Ponies That Yawn Altitude Aviation, this new track from AnimatronicPony is quite creative, with SFX fitting to the theme, a dreamy yet tech-y instrumental, and cute Twilight-ness all around! Her voice in this is just making me melt along the music!

    9. Night Blaze - About Trixie (feat. Akio Otori)
    Vocal - Orchestral
    Another collaboration between Night Blaze and Akio Otori, this one is paying tribute to our beloved Trixie! I personally can't understand what those vocals mean aside from "Trixie", but I sure can tell that the song has been written and sung with love!

    10. Ashley H - Speechless (A Luna Cover)
    Vocal - Orchestral
    If you've watched the recent Aladdin movie, then you might love this ponification of its song from Ashley H, who showcases her incredible vocal talents once again, for a beautiful tribute to Luna!

    11. CRUVOD - Reignfall (Whirly Tail Remix)
    Instrumental - Happy Hardcore
    From A State of Sugar Ice Cream, Whirly Tail's remix of CRUVOD's track is both stylish and uplifting, and has a lot in store to appreciate!

    12. Daniel Ingram - Under Our Spell (Rod St3v3n's Eurobeat Remix)
    Vocal - Eurobeat
    Spreading the love for Eurobeat, Rod St3v3n treats us to a much welcome spin of Under Our Spell, making for an interesting new version that makes us fall under the spell of the Dazzlings all over again!

    13. REDD - Going Nowhere (Vocal Mix/Remaster)
    Vocal - Future Bass
    REDD's track Going Nowhere, originally released through his Crystarium alias, just got a new vocal version and remaster that is so soothing and gorgeous, with synths, vocals, and vocal chops of much beauty!

    14. Vylet Pony - An Odyssey (feat. Chi-Chi & Bien)
    Vocal - Alternative Electronic
    Another collab from the Homeward album, this one is as full of talent and artistic vision as ever, with impactful vocals and a bright instrumental doing wonders to bring life to that part of the story!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!