• Mike Vogel and Comics Beat Confirm Scootaloo's Aunts a Same Sex Couple

    Confirming what we already pretty much had figured out for ourselves when Scootaloo's Aunts appeared in the MLP book 'Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe', Mike Vogel and Comics Beat have confirmed the two are indeed a couple!

    It's been a "watershed moment" in animation for the past few years with more representation of same-sex couples appearing in various shows, with notable examples being Mr. Ratburn's marriage to his partner Patrick and the same-sex proposal and wedding of Ruby and Sapphire on Steven Universe.

    For a show on friendship, understanding and including others having these two make an appearance was a natural fit in my opinion.

    Get the link to the Comics Beat article and Mike Vogel's tweets after the break! Thanks to Dallin and Luke for sending it in!

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