• New Baby Twilight and Pinkie Figures Revelaled on Russian Website

    A new pair of figures is apparently on the way on the merchandise front. A baby Pinkie and Twilight have been listed on a Russian website called Detmir.

    They don't have a release date or anything, but chances are they will be everywhere eventually. Keep an eye out and let us know if you find them.

    Get the rough translation and more images below.

    Take care of baby ponies with a collection of toys “My little pony My baby”. All the little ones from the collection look like their characters from the cartoon “My Little Pony” in childhood. Each pony has a diaper and a removable bib with different patterns. The glittering eyes of the figures and additional accessories add to the similarities with the original characters. Each pony has its own brand name on the hip and multi-colored mane and tail. Feed the kids from their interactive bottles, and activate unusual sounds, as if your babies really eat. Imagine changing diapers or feeding them. Put a bib on the toy so that it does not get dirty. Toys can stand or sit and are made of soft plastic. Assemble a collection of pony babies and arrange children's parties (each toy is sold separately).

    In set

    pony doll
    removable bib,

    Product Features

    Little pony babies
    Feed the baby from the bottle to activate the sounds. Press the button on the lid of the bottle and the sound will appear
    The toy can sit or stand
    The bib is removed and worn