• Fanfic OST Album: Noc Lupus - Empty Horizons Original Audiobook Soundtrack

    I just love seeing such collaborations in pony fan works, not to mention this is OST music we're talking about! Making for a complete experience of both story and sound, Noc Lupus aka JoĆ© McKen composed five BGM orchestral pieces as soundtrack for Goldenwing's fanfic Empty Horizons, and they're working so well to capture the mood of the moment or the character they depict! From the musician himself, Main Theme (Airships & Endless Seas) is "An adventurous theme meant to capture the feeling of soaring through endless skies on an airship", Dive Theme is "A suite of gloomy, foreboding themes representing the various deep-sea dives in the fic", Twilight/Midnight Theme is "A theme in two parts: A soft, melancholic piano motif representing obsession and regret, and a dark, tense theme that evokes an unseen menace around the corner", Rarity’s Theme is  "A noble, intimate theme representing Rarity’s impassioned attempts to improving life for those struggling in post-apocalyptic Equestria" and lastly Loss Theme is "A brief little piano motif for times of sadness". Listen to the whole OST from this Soundcloud playlist!