• Album: Agents of Discord - Odds & Ends [Breakbeat]

    Released through the awesome label noise.horse, Agents of Discord's newest album is a real gold mine full of pony. I attended the live release party of it and it was such an amazing experience, complete with live pony visuals courtesy of Kakofonous! Among the crazy party bangers on the album (can confirm, I partied so hard!), you will find Crystal Cave Rave that's "designed around the idea of an underground rave in the crystal caverns beneath Canterlot, complete with lazers refracting through the crystals!", by Agents of Discord's words, and that track is actually in three parts and three different tracks on the album!! And there's a VIP of Part 1, too! There's also the crazy VIP of Ultimate Scootaloo that definitely lives up to its name, the Cryssy-themed Chrysalis' Take Over, and many very creative remixes including a remix of Freewave's Brony Holiday, of BlackGryph0n's Academy, of Wootmaster's Button Smash, and even a mashup with Omnipony's Chrome Saddle! And all are such fire party tracks and will make you bob your head along the music or dance! There's also a lot of refined sound design, gorgeous melodies, and wubby wonders!

    Grab the whole album from Bandcamp here! More backstory from Agents of Discord below the break!

    Some words from Agents of Discord:

    "This whole album was designed to be something that I thought best represents what the Noise.Horse label is all about: Breaking the rules and making music. Focusing more on the creative design and ideas behind the music than the mixing. And in doing that, I have found more freedom while producing than I have felt in years.
    I truly hope that everyone finds something to enjoy on this album! I honestly truly enjoyed making this. From listening to old tracks, to making new ones.  I hope you enjoy what I consider an amazing experiment in sound!" ~ Agents of Discord

    The album on Bandcamp
    Agents of Discord's YouTube channel
    noise.horse's YouTube channel
    Recording of the live release party
    Stay tuned for more live release parties announced through noise.horse's Twitter or their Discord server!