• "There Is No Bronycalypse" Music: MEQA, L.M., Cosmic Fox, AJ Young, Soundnix & Quadrivia - Bronycalypse [Dubstep]

    What could become a much welcome trend following this earlier post, this mega collab off the upcoming Ponies at Dawn Skyward expresses a wonderful message about the end of FiM not meaning the end of our community! And it does that with the sickest and most creative Dubstep endeavors, from the talented musicians MEQA, L.M., Cosmic Fox, AJ Young, Soundnix and Quadrivia! What's more, they left awesome references in the lyrics, to both show songs and brony history, and they included classic pony samples in the track too, keep your ears open for it! The ride will never end as long as we, bronies, stick together and keep creating and spreading around our love for ponies!!