• "The Ride Never Ends" Music: Straight From The Heart - Remember Me [Hip Hop]

    Everypony, let's gather and take a moment to appreciate what all those musicians and rappers did with this song... because it is definitely so very commendable and welcome. Showing us pony love and dedication and echoing loud and wide the thoughts of many of us about remaining bronies forever and the ride never ending, TCB and Nevermourn on the gorgeous instrumental teamed up with rappers and "speakers of the heart" MC-Arch, TheWanderingKit, NickyD, Doodled, Omnee Potent, Pony Abstract and Acarcion, and they all created something truly beautiful. Singing with the heart, making pony references in the lyrics, displaying some impressive flow and vocals, they were above all united by the heart-warming message of "finishing what they started", and affirming that they will continue to spread the values and love from the show, for we are bronies! They sent a huge love letter to the show crew at the same time and such initiative full of win and mad talent is just so lovely and wonderful to see. Much much love to everypony who contributed!!