• New Indiegogo "Equestrian Stories" Hopes to Celebrate Short Stories with a Book Print

    A new project is underway once again from Russia, but instead of focusing on one big novel that went viral in the fandom, they are targeting a bunch of the super popular short stories posted over the years for one big compilation book. Each of them already has specialized commissioned art created, and now it's just down to the printing phase.

    Head on down below for the details.

    Custom Art:

    Fanfiction list:

    • My Little Dashie
    • Sunny Skies All Day Long
    • Princess Celestia Gets Mugged
    • Wom the Princesses Would Destroy
    • Evil is Easy, Governing is Harder
    • Best Hell Ever
    • The Star in Yellow
    • That Changeling's a Pony!
    • Derplicity
    • The Incredibly Dense Mind of Rainbow Dash
    • Dash Tries to Win Your Heart
    • Raven
    • Keepers of Discord
    • Voyage's End
    • First Contact is Magic
    • The Mare at the End of Forever

    As always, pledge at your own risk with any crowdfund projects, as we don't have any real way to guarantee they will be successful on our end. You can read about their previous projects over here where the pledge page is located.