• 2019 Do it Yourself MLP Easter Basket!

    Is everyone having a good Palm Sunday?

    Did I just remind you that Easter is in one week and that you completely forgot?

    Don't worry, you're not the only one! Silver Quill did this to me yesterday…

    And it's a good thing he did, because he also reminded me that Equestria Daily's good friends at Hasbro send over a whole bunch of complimentary samples to make a Do it Yourself MLP  Easter Basket post!

    And unlike last year, which was basically the ultimate DIY MLP Fan Easter Basket, Equestia Daily is going to show you how to put together an Easter Basket for a reasonable budget of $30!

    Which you'll be able to find the full information about after the break!

    Well, Toys R Us isn't going out of business this year. So getting your hands on easter supplies at rock bottom prices just isn't going to happen. You are going to have to go bargain shopping for your supplies this year.

    You can try Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, Walmart, Target, or any arts & crafts supply store for it. Or you can do what I did and go to CVS.

    CVS for those who don't know, carries a whole bunch of seasonal goods at very, very affordable prices. They kind of need to since their primary customer base is on a fixed income…

    Anyways, the specific Easter supplies CVS carries is called Cottondale. Their products are colorful, cheerful, and most importantly affordable.

    The Easter Basket I picked up is $2.99. The Easter Grass is $2.29.

    And this colorful assortment of plastic Easter Eggs is $3.99.

    So in total all the specific Easter Supplies cost $9.27 (before tax). Not bad. but we still need something.

    How does spending $7.99 for 65 pieces of Easter Candy sound? And these are the perfect size for putting into the plastic Easter Eggs…

    I'll get back to that in a minute.

    Of course it wouldn't be a MLP Easter Basket without some specific My Little Pony candy! Thankfully CVS sells the Finders Keepers MLP Egg Chocolates ($2.99) this year!

    There are 8 possible ponies you could collect with this candy. I have a feeling the MLP fan you are making this basket for will get a kick out of all of these. So it's not a bad idea to toss one in for an added extra surprise.

    Also, for those who are keeping track of costs, we are sitting at $20.25 before taxes.

    Now let's get to the MLP Toys!

    To help keep things within a reasonable budget, My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew are absolutely perfect to pick up! The price point for these are $2.99. You can find series 3 or 4 at either Target or Walmart.

    When you open these up they make a huge mess. It's basically a small little part in cased in plastic. The kids will eat this up.

    There are beautiful instructions on the back of the packaging which explains how to open these things.

    These little brushables, which you can find at Walmart, Target, and possibly Gamestop, have an MSRP of $4.25. The quintessential My Little Pony toy. Perfect for the MLP fan in your life.

    I love how far the vectors have come in the packaging in recent years. You definitely wouldn't have seen Rainbow as expressive as this back in 2010.

    Of course with 6 of these little ponies to choose from, you can nab the perfect pony for the MLP Fan you are building this basket for.

    Even Rarity is super expressive. But then again, could you possibly imagine Rarity being anything but this?

    Finally Hasbro sent over the My Little Pony: Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle Light Up toy!

    This one has an MSRP of $19.99, so this would end up pushing the budget well over $50.

    However, I have an eggscellent idea for this which I will get back to later on in this post.

    Of course the only thing you need to do when putting together an Easter basket is to empty the Easter grass into the basket.

    And that's it! Time to start filling with the goodies!

    This combination adds an additional $7.24. Grand Total of $27.49 (before taxes).

    We're nice and under budget here. Though with the taxes we're probably going to end up right at $30.

    This combo adds $10.23. Grand total of $30.48. Which puts us $0.48 over budget (prior to taxes).

    I know this looks really good but over budget is over budget.

    This combination adds $8.97. Grand total of $29.22. When you include taxes, you're over budget.

    The remaining alternative is using two brushables, which will add $8.50. Grand total of $28.75.
    When you include taxes, you're also over budget.

    Now it's time to fill the eggs with candy!

    … this should be self explanatory so I'm not going to show how to do this. The main issue here is to in mind is to make sure you're using all of the colors in the assortment.

    Except for the gold egg. We'll be getting back to that one in a minute.

    Now that the eggs are filled with candy, it;s time fill the basket with eggs!

    Well, that was easy. Looks like we're done with the Easter Basket! And all for Under $30! Way to go us and Hasbro!

    Now what to do with the golden egg?

    Well remember the Twilight Sparkle toy from earlier? This is where this comes into play.

    For those with a little extra spending money and you want to create a special memory for the MLP Fan in your life, you're going to want to print out Twilight Sparkles's cutie mark.

    And of course cut it out from the paper.

    The print out needs to be small enough to fit inside the egg.

    Once you close the Easter Egg, it's time to make like Peter Cotton Tail and hide the egg!.

    Yes it's an Easter Egg hunt! I highly recommend filling the rest of the plastic Easter Eggs (by this point there's only 29 of them left in the package that haven't been used) with candy and hide them around the house!

    When the MLP fan in your life finds all the eggs and starts opening them up, that person will find a whole bunch of candy and a slip of paper with Twilight Sparkles's CM. When they pop open the golden egg, you pull out the Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle!

    It's an extra surprise toy! You can't go wrong!

    And that's it. Hope you all have fun with making your own MLP Easter Baskets! Till next time folks, this has been The Illustrious Q. Have a Happy Easter!