• Discussion: Design Your Dream Pony Video Game!

    The year is 2020 and hypothetical Hasbro has decided to make a pony game! Our favorite executive is back, and he wants YOU to design a pony game with all of your incredible knowledge in both mediums. You have complete freedom:

    Budget: Unlimited
    Sales Goal: None. Make it how you want
    Age Rating: Any

    So, what will you make? Does Pony Souls need to be a thing? Or should we send them off on a journey to various Disney worlds with a story so convoluted that you are really glad the combat is amazing cause you can't take anymore of this and you lost me 3 worlds ago and HOW MANY TIME TRAVELING MULTI-DIMENSIONAL CLONES OF YOU ARE THERE??? 

    But again, the combat is great.

    Go design a pony game below.