• d20 Pony - 650 Page Reader-Chosen Story on Tumblr

    We've got a neat project here starring a "Reader decides" style story going on over on Tumlbr. Or the exact description:

    d20 Pony is a text adventure fan fiction starring Trailblazer, a young earth pony explorer in modern Equestria.

    With over 650 illustrated pages and counting, this lighthearted story follows the everyday life of our hero through the commands of its readers.

    Will you discover closely guarded secrets? Will you unearth valuable treasures? Will you simply attempt to flirt with every other pony you meet?

    It was sitting around in review due to the scope of it, but I'm pretty sure it's fine, and the art looks great. They also cashed in their free "Get on EQD" card, so there's that.  Start the journey over here. You have a long way to go to catch up to it's current arc.