• Fanfiction: The Divine Epidemic (Update Part 3-4!)


    Author: Muggonny

    The Book of (Possible) Prophecies foretells the story of a legendary minotaur being freed from his imprisonment so that he can punch another legendary minotaur in the face. On the far southwest corner, edges from being out of reach of the Equestrian border, there is a forest known only to the few who have heard about it (and obviously the inhabitants that live in it) as The Inconclusive Forest. This is the resting place of our hero Bobby the Brave and his Flaming Axe of Awesome™.

    Strange Clover, a hip young mare fresh out of college, will have to quit her amazing job when Alias, Goddess of Doubt (and Oracle of [Possible] Prophecies), tells her that she's the one destined to free him. It will be an easygoing journey from here on out! (It won't.)

    The Divine Epidemic (New Chapter 3-4!)

    Additional Tags: Big, Hunky, Really Gay But That's Okay Because It's Totes Hip To Be Gay These Days