• Discussion: Where Do You Want to See The Pony Toy Lines Go Next?

    We've had pony toys since the earliest days. I remember running around trying to track down that molded set with Celestia, Pinkie, Twilight, and Applejack way back in 2011. Hasbro has dropped pretty much every possible variant on their brushable line that could possibly exist, and we finally started seeing high quality molded collectible toys with the introduction of the Fan Series and Guardians of Harmony figures.

    4DE rocked the plushie market with their amazing quality until things just ground to a halt there. I wish we could have seen that line continue, but they seem to be gone. Especially after the prototype leak.

    Build a bear is alright, though their terrible quality manes and tails combined with awkward faces and unappealing bodies leaves a lot to be desired compared to what 4DE brought us.

    Things could change next year though. Toy Fair happens in Februaries, and its only a few months away until we see what the future will bring. What do you wan to see? Should we start rockin the lifesize plushies that are so popular on the fandom side? Or continue the fan series with more characters that we've loved over the years?

    Discuss below !