• RuBronyCon's Guide to Russia

    RuBronyCon is getting close, and the team has released a short guide on Russia as a whole for any foreign guests that are planning on attending. Head on down below the break to check out their presser and for a link to read the guide!

    Also their bat is cute, so there is that too.

    We at RuBronyCon realize that for most ponycon goers Russia is… a scary land located in the middle of nowhere, and seems like an inhospitable place with bike-riding bears playing balalaikas, wearing ushankas, and drinking vodka with babushkas squatting near nuclear power plants in their Adidas tracksuits, with the Soviet flag high in the air and hardbass blasting through the speakers… oh, and Cyrillic. Who in the world can read that?!

    To make sure this nonsense does not scare you off the amazing adventure and convention experience waiting for you in Moscow in almost a month, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to Russia. It covers everything from getting a Russian visa to getting to your accommodation to places to eat out to some tips on how to have a great time in Moscow during RuBronyCon. This guide will be helpful both to those planning to visit this year or in the years to come, and to those who are already going, or visited Russia in the past.

    So go ahead, give it a read, and leave us some feedback? Is this guide helpful? Should we expand on a topic or add some new ones to cover your topics of interest?

    And while at it, do check out our tickets. If you haven’t got yourself one, now is the perfect time!