• New York Comic Con Coverage Day 3: Artist Alley!

    Dear lord that sea of people goes on forever!

    ... well not quite. But it does go back one city block. Which by NYC standards is still pretty far.

    Welcome back folks! It's time once again to recap the events of New York Comic Con! Today's events focus on the IDW My Little Pony Comics crews who were stationed in Artist Alley!

    Hope you're all ready for some quick, rapid fire updates from all your favorite MLP creatives! Which you'll find after the break!

    Andy Price was the second busiest beaver of the Brady Bunch in the MLP Section of the convention. Katie Cook was the busiest (her line capped out at an hour and a half), but Andy had a very steady stream of commissioners and print purchases for all the time that I saw him.

    He also had the lastest MLP Comic release. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #71 released literally the day before the con... which is definitely why I didn't have a copy of it for him to sign. Sorry Andy!

    He was very proud of the work he did in that issue, and especially of the two page splash on pages 2 & 3.

    Aside from that, he is still plugging away at drawing his issues of MLP Comics.

    Jay Fosgitt was tabling with Jay Clark (from An Elegant Weapon Podcast) and collecting commission requests. This year he only did two MLP Convention Exclusive covers for the MLP Comic Line. One for SDCC and the other for NYCC.

    Namely the Nightmare Knights #1 NYCC Convention Exclusive.

    But that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy with comics! Quite the contrary. He's been working his butt off on the kickstarter campaign for Dead Duck and Zombie Chick, the Second Volume of Bodie Troll, and doing all sorts of work for Marvel!


    Is it wrong for me to want a Funko Pop of Bodie Troll?

    Agnes Garbowska is still very much hard at work on both My Little Pony and DC Super Hero Girls! She had so much fun working on My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries and was really happy with how all the issues turned out.

    A little while ago, she had finished up her work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #72. She's very excited to see how everyone is going to react to that story by Thom Zahler! It was definitely a story that moved her while she was working on it.

    Speaking of Thom Zahler, he was also at the convention!

    Thom was selling his latest Creator Owned Comic, Warning Label, which was initially published on WebToon!

    Yes, that is the kickstarter exclusive cover. Yes, I did back the campaign. Yes, it is weird having to read this comic without scrolling up.

    Anyways, a few weeks ago, Thom turned in his latest cover for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #73. Just wait until you guys see what he did with Fluttershy when she channels her animal instincts. It's so adorable, I doubt Silver Quill will survive the experience.

    Soon to be 2019 Eisner Award Winning Comic Artist for her work on The Ghost, The Owl Sara Richard has been working on covers, covers, and more covers for just about everyone! Including her monthly gig with IDW's MLP Comics!

    However, in whatever spare time she has outside of working on the MLP Comics, she is also developing new enamel pins for sale!

    Like that one for The Ghost, The Owl!

    She has expressed very strong interest in being a part of the final BronyCon in 2019. A sentiment which is shared by the entire MLP Comic Crew.

    They all want to be there. Make it happen BronyCon!

    Tony is very hard at work on My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights! He had no idea IDW had an NYCC Exclusive for the new series, and was delightfully surprised to start seeing the book come to his table at Artist Alley!

    Seriously, this book is going to throw you for a loop in all the best, unexpected, great, and powerful ways!

    Aside from that he is working on a couple of creator owned projects outside of his MLP, and Rainbow Brite, work. What those are? I have no idea. His lips were sealed.

    That was everything MLP related in NYCC's Artist Alley! Tune in tomorrow as I liveblog the Making Kids' Comics the IDW Way panel at 11:00 AM EST!

    This has been The Illustrious Q folks! See you then!