• EQD Suggestion Gathering and AMA - Bring on the Questions and Get Answers!

    The time has come! Down below in the comments, ask whatever question you like and it will be answered! We are looking for any suggestions you might have for us to help keep the pony train rolling when we enter the true hiatus in a few weeks, though we are pretty much already in it thanks to Australia.

    Have a grievance? Want to see a new post topic? Wonder how the hell something works? Now's the time for an answer!

    I'll be down there with whoever else on the site wants to join responding to everything. And as always, if you miss the AMA you can always email me directly. I usually will get to you within 24 hours, so feel free to bother me there. It is by far the best way to get something answered.

    Anyway, go ask questions, drop feedback, or suggest stuff in the comments!

    Note: 1 hour is up, but feel free to leave more comments and Ill get to them as I get time!