• Ambient. White heading to RuBronyCon, Plus General Convention Update

    The guys over at RuBronyCon are ramping up for their upcoming event. They've scooped up the team behind Ambient.White, to show off their upcoming game.

    Head on down below for the presser.

    Press Release:

    The “A Little Bit Different” team will show you the meaning of fear, darkness and despair on their “Ambient.White” showcase at “RuBronyCon’18”.
    “Ambient.White” is a fan pony adventure game with an unmatched sense of depth and stunning visuals. The story follows two sisters on their journey through a frozen kingdom. Only through sacrifice and perseverance in the face of fear will they stand a chance to dispel the darkness.

    You can find more information on the project webpage: albdifferent.com

    The “A Little Bit Different” team will be represented by project director Piramidhead, scriptwriter and PR manager Dex, and designer and RBC-18 media manager Alex Dash.
    In addition, on November 24, the first day of the convention, the first “Ambient.White” comic will be released, and maybe you will get a copy.

    If you are interested in pony games or just want to admire a cool project by your fellow bronies, you should absolutely come and experience it yourself!