• Discussion: Pick 6 Non-Mane 6 Ponies For Generation 5's Mane Cast!

    The hypothetical overlords at Hasbro have arrived here on Equestria Daily's shores for your ever-important input once again. "Why are we revamping pony if we are just going to have the same toys anyway?!" we called! What reason do they have to end it early? Good point they hopefully say! "Can we actually sell more Twilight Sparkle just because she's an earth pony now!?"

    Time to mix it up and get a new cast in there. A cast build all around making your future of pony amazing and excellent for the selling of merchandise!

    Pick a new mane 6. It can be any of the existing ponies in the show, from backgrounders to incidentals. If you want a Coco Pommel/Vinyl/Octavia Manehattan party, go for it! A Lyra, Bonbon, Derpy, Starlight, Trixie, and Luna adventure hunting nasty beasties for Fluttershy's new magical creature menagerie? Go for it.  The mane cast can only be backgrounders in this world!

    Go pick your pones below.