• Fiesta SEAPonyCon introduces Spirit Tickets

    SEAPonyCon is trying something a bit different this year with something they like to call Spirit Tickets to help spice up the action!

    If you're going to SEAPonyCon or are interested in doing so, check on after the break for the full details on these new tickets and other announcements!

    Project SEAPonyCon had a rather small attendance in 2017. We had 160 attendees which fell short of our original target of at least twice that figure. However, we looked through the data we collected and saw an interesting statistic.

    We had 160 attendees from 26 cities across 16 nations - making Project SEAPonyCon by far the most diverse brony convention in Southeast Asia. From Indonesia to Thailand, Germany to England and the USA to Canada, we drew a truly worldwide audience to our shores, by far exceeding our original intention of bringing Southeast Asia together.

    Many people went home after the convention with a heavy heart. For some, they travelled over miles to partake in the festivities while others took the very first journey of their lives by aeroplane to be there. For some it was by a simple swipe of their credit card but for most of Southeast Asia, it was months of savings and putting aside extra pocket money.

    Two weeks ago at the Project SEAPonyCon Birthday Party, we revealed that we will be adding a new ticket to our registration. However we maintained that admission is still flat - no VIPs, no reserved seating, no exclusive entrances. So what were we talking about?

    Introducing the Party Pack and the Message in a Bottle. We took a page from our friends at Japan PonyCon and are happy to announce a bunch of goodies packed specially for you. For just 50 SGD (37 USD), you’ll get the package, including registered shipping to anywhere in the world!

    Inside the box, you’ll get a convention ticket in your name, an exclusive Fiesta SEAPonyCon poster, a 2017 Project SEAPonyCon poster, a set of badges featuring our mascots and a free t-shirt plus a bonus from our friends at Crystal Empire Records.

    Altitude (Deluxe) is a special two-disc edition of the 2017 Project SEAPonyCon fundraising album featuring more tracks, such as the closing song of Project SEAPonyCon (Small World) as well as some tracks that premiered at thunder:storm (Dark Crystal).

    If you are attending the convention and want a share of the goodies, we have you covered too! Just add the 35 SGD (26 USD) “Party Pack” addon to your ticket order after selecting your preferred ticket and/or room at http://tickets.SEAPonyCon.com. If you have already purchased a ticket, check the email you registered your ticket with for instructions on how to add the Party Pack to your purchase. You will need to be at the convention to pick this up.

    Remember that Fiesta SEAPonyCon tickets are transferable but non-refundable. If you are unable to make it to the event, please email us. We will arrange for the Party Pack to be delivered to you. You will have to cover the shipping charges for this.

    Project SEAPonyCon observes an Attendees First Policy, meaning that all the resources that are available to us will first and foremost be used to provide the best experience to those who attend the convention. This is the reason why live streaming our event has never been a priority for us. This also means that the Message in a Bottle will only be packaged and sent off after the convention, not before. In turn, this lets us look through any surplus material we may have after the convention and add it to the package!

    Also, our panel applications are still open so do pitch your idea for panels, activities and more! Check out http://HarmonySix.SEAPonyCon.com to submit your proposal. We'll be sure to look through all of them!

    Remember to save the date! Fiesta SEAPonyCon will be from 27-28 October 2018  at the City Beach Resort in the Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore. Have a question? Reach out to us at @SEAPonyCon on Twitter. Like us on Facebook athttps://fb.com/SEAPonyCon, check out our Instagram at https://instagram.com/SEAPonyCon and subscribe to our YouTube channel at http://YouTube.SEAPonyCon.com.