• Audiobook Pony Channel Demonetized for "Duplication"

    Audio book read Visualpony Thenarrator has been making audio books of various pony fanfics for years now, and has built up a pretty big following of people following his stories. Unfortunately it seems that this form of media may have trigged something in Youtube's moderation side, calling it "Duplication".

    This puts a pretty big portion of the fandom into a weird place. There are quite a few comic dub and audio book reading channels out there that would probably fall under the same ruleset. At the moment he is attempting to dispute it, and did get a human being to double check, but was rejected and told to re-apply for the partnership program after 30 days pass. Not the best prospect for future content though!

    How far this will go is anyone's guess. We recently went through our own little Youtube nightmare recently, so things can sometimes require a few separate eyeballs to get reversed over there. Big policy updates that sneak into the ever-growing help section are hard to keep up with though. Hopefully we don't see another wave of channels getting nailed.