• SDCC - 2018 My Little Pony Panel LIVE Blog! Periodic Updates as News Arrives!

    NOTE: There is also a NEW Season 8 episode happening during the panel! Check that out over here.

    It's that time of the year once again, and the news flood should be epic as it always is! The My Little Pony panel is happening today, and here we will be live-blogging ALL the newsy bits. As with every year, there could be a few misspeaks on panelists parts, typos,  or mis-interpretations since all of this is being essentially streamed right to you. We will have a full analysis and hopefully clarification following it.

    Head on down below for the action! The panel starts at 10:30 AM, and news will probably start flowing after people are situated and things get going.

    Thanks a ton to our temporary reporter on the ground Chris the CrazedOne for relaying the information!

    10:30 - PANEL BEGINS

    10:31 - Showing Clips of various parts of the first half of the season

    10:32  - Tirek and Magic Disappearing!

    10:33 - Storm king Cameo? 

    10: 33 - Chancellor Naysayer saying Twilight Failed

    10:35 - Panelist instroduction - Meghan McCarthy, Nicole Dubuc, Josh Haber, Cathy Weseluck, Tara Strong, Andrea Libman

    10:38 - Each panelist saying their favorite part of season 8.
    • Meghan - Upcoming roadtrip
    • Nicole - Upcoming Heartwarming (maybe Hearths warming)  episode
    • Josh - Reveal of Neigh Say
    • Cathy - Spikes wings
    • Andrea - Mauds BF
    • Tare Strong - Skipped

    10:40 - Panelists assigning Cutie Marks
    • Andrea - Did we make a spreadsheet?
    • Josh for Nicole - Time Turner (Harry potter reference?)
    • Tara Strong - Already has a microphone
    • Meghan - Typewriter

    10:41 - Students are called the "Young Six" Internally

    10:42 - Where did the idea for the Young Six come from? - Meghan, Josh, and Mike Vogel chose. Each character had a default personality based on their race. Edgy dragon included.

    10:43 - Equestria has grown a lot over the last year!

    10:44 - Breaking into Equestria Girls.

    10:44 - An upcoming special that does what people have been asking for!

    10:45 - A clip of it playing, friendship cruise for spring break.
    • Fluttershy walking a lobster
    • Storm king equestrian magic
    • Sci Twi and Rainbow go through a NEW portal in a sandy place to become Equestrian Ponies!

    10:46 - Goal to stay true to the characters

    10:47 - Equestria Magic in their works in a new way to tell stories

    10:48 - What has been the best part of MLP?
    Tara - It's the fans. Been in the biz since 13 years old, never seen anything likem it.

    10:48 - What's the most surprising her characters have done?
    Andrea - When Fluttershy developed different personalities

    Nicole wanted to introduce a new villain for season 8.
    Discord episode
    Epic story arc
    10:50 - If chars had a deep dark secret what would it be?
    Andrea - Fluttershy voice "I have a crush on Discord"
    Cathy - Maybe Spike's crush isn't Rarity, it's Applejack
    Tara - Maybe Twilight's crush on Pinkie Pie?

    10:52 - Meghan wanted the series to meet new characters and expand  lore. Go even further.

    10:53 - Daniel wrote a song for a new guest voice. Rachel Bloom

    10:54 - New Song clip time
    • New Character.
    • Applejack - "You'd rather not talk about it"? 
    • New character - "I'd rather siiiiing"
    • A new species of half dragon/pony or scaled pony 
    • They change into fiery ponies
    • Village leader is built like Celestia

    10:55 - My Little Pony all new August 4th

    10:56 - Rachel Bloom was surprised when she got the script and a song. Loved the nuances of the message and says its fantastically written.

    10:57 - What's the best part of playing a pony? (To Rachel)
    Getting to watch a clip of pony (Confirmed that these are the Kirin revealed a while back) in front of a crowd.

    10:58 - Rachels cutie mark would be jazz hands.

    10:59 - Pony Improv game begins.
    • Location: Canterlot Castle
    • Scenario: Heist
    • Conflict: Sibling Rivalry
    • Rachel is Shining Armor for sibling rivalry, does a deep guy voice, "Hey, I'm a boy!". Andrea  in Pinkie voice "Have you been smoking?" 
    • Spike "No worries, we can hang out some time!"
    • Pinkie "Let's do a heist!"
    • Twiiilight "We have to get in."
    • Fluttershy: "How do we get in?"
    • Spike: "I have a bunch of layers"
    • Pinkie: "That's Weird..."
    • [Improv goes on for awhile, back to news]

    11:03 - If you could vacation in Equestria where would it be?
    Pinkie Pie: Yak Yakistan!

    11:04 - Anything you know about a character people don't know?
    Spike's a synchronized swimmer

    11:05 - Biggest difference between voice and screen?
    Rachel: Voice is all about what is coming out of your mouth. Very focused and challenging. The person you are talking with isnt always there.
    Tara: You don't have to worry about what you look like

    11:06 - Are any characters misunderstood?
    • Josh - Trixie
    • Cathy - Spike voice "Sometimes..."
    • Tara - Twilight voice, "nooo hes fine!" 

    11:07 - Tara likes that Twilight makes mistakes. It's an important lesson for kids.

    11:08 - What are some avoided topics?
    • Don't like to do too many romantic relationships. Some but not many.
    • Applejack's parents and grief.
    • Nothing is completely off the table, but they aren't going to just do it to do it. 
    11:09 - Favorite Villain?
    • Meghan - Hasn't been revealed yet~ 
    • Spike - Angel Bunny
    • Josh - Sinch from Equestria Games
    • Nicole - Chrysalis
    • Andrea - Discord
    • Tara - Starlight Glimmer
    10:11 - Any characters too challenging or difficult to write for?
    Josh - Twilight isn't difficult, but she's the center and there is a lot of weight behind the character. Maud is his favorite since she speaks so little
    Nicole - The Cutie Mark Crusaders

    11:12 - Any creature crossover?
    Pony Platypus, the platapony

    11:13 - Tara wants a Pony West World 

    11:14 - Talking about messages from the show translating to real life. Young people being empathetic. Reaching out to others to learn and grow.

    11:15 - Audience Q and A Begins

    11:16 - Small kid asks, "How many parties does Pinkie have planned?"
    Andrea: Pinkie voice: 1239123 bazillion 

    11:17 - Small kid asks, "Where was Cadance born?"
    Toledo, Vanhoover,

    11:18 - Does Discord have a family?
    Spike - Guys night
    Josh - The voices in his head

    11:19 - Will we see a reformed Chrysalis?
    Meghan - Can't say

    11:20 - Is it hard playing 2 characters?
    Andrea can go from Flutter to Pinkie in the same sentence

    11:21 - Do you change script when recording?
    Sarcastic: no
    Sometimes cast give suggestions that they add or change

    11:22 - Is there going to be a new movie?
    Meghan - Maybe??? It's a good idea. Taken into consideration!

    11:23 - How can Pinkie talk so fast?
    Pinkie eats a ot of sugar

    11:24 - Favorite thing to do as a pony?
    Pinkie: Eat cupcakes, make frosting, etc.

    11:25 - Preview of new Equestria Girls shown for spring 2019

    11:26 - Rachel Bloom's character name is "Autumn Blaze"

    11:27 - Child asks, how many more seasons?
    Hope to make many more!

    11:28 - Favorite song?
    Tara - Can't decide!
    Everyone agrees Rachels new song is great. It's written by Mike vogel.

    10:29 - New animatic finishes it off

    • Hearths warming eve song
    • Rarity and Fluttershy singing
    • Pinkie and Applejack singing
    • Family at Sweet Apple Acres with Grand Pear

    11:30 - Reconfirm, that season 8 of My Little Pony returns with two episodes on August 4th!

    11:30 - Panel Officially Over.

    (Update: Equestria Girls portal is a new portal in a sandy place)