• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VIII: Day 7

    Over time as an artist or any sort of creator it makes sense to create what is familiar, what is comfortable for us. To truly grow though we must be willing to expand beyond what we do know and tackle the unfamiliar. Yesterday's exercise in drawing a pony as another species was certainly an attempt to take you all outside of the comfort zone of colorful horses and try out some new anatomy as well as put your creative spin on how a character would look different if they had been a different species.

    Throughout the day I noticed a huge range of different species from snakes to bats to deer to canines and cats and even vehicles to name a few and I'm once again overjoyed to see how you all tackled this prompt head on. Well done everyone!

    With that said we managed a nice 139 ponies bringing our total up to 1115 ponies in total, blowing past the 1000 picture mark! Awesome work everyone, especially with so many folks at both GalaCon and BronyCon this weekend.

    Now to get down to business. We've done some relatively tame prompts so far, but we know Equestria isn't necessarily a calm and peaceful place all the time. There is adventure, baddies, and danger lurking in the dark corners of the world. So for tonight's prompt I'm giving you guys a chance to potentially explore a darker side of Equestria by Drawing a pony in danger / Drawing a pony living life on the edge.

    As usual you can find our submitter here.

    Remember, our compiler is up a few hours even after this post goes up so feel free to submit your submission to our submitter!

    Our Makeup Day submitter is currently online too, you can find it here.

    Good luck everyone!

    Attention Discord Users:

    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #creators-plus-atg for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

    Check on after the break for today's gallery!

    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload
    Art Tutorials
    Tutorials Collected by the Artist Training Grounds Alumni Group

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    1 Lykan the brave heart - CloudyHan

    Art image 1
    This is my friend's oc, hope you guy like it

    2 A Rare Lesson With the Elder of the Breezies - Flynt

    Art image 2

    3 Forgot the Straw - RD4590

    Art image 3
    Chaps, let's open a pub in Seaquestria. :P

    4 A horse as another creature - RainbowDash1804

    Art image 4
    Be yourself, but a teacup.

    7 Twili cat - Volchiy Poni

    Art image 7

    10 A whole new world - Drakin Kami

    Art image 10
    A pretty drastic life transformation.

    11 Seapony Sunset Shimmer - Erika Williams

    Art image 11
    Why not go with my favorite pony who's already used to being a different species? Plus I've wanted to draw Sunset as a seapony for a while, so this was the perfect excuse.

    13 Twilight Squirrel - Bright Idea

    Art image 13
    What an easy prompt! Another excuse to draw a squirrel and just slap Twilight's mane and color scheme on it and call it a day! :P

    14 Twilight Diesel - Jon Ball (Tidmouth)

    Art image 14
    Trucks count as another species, right? Yes? Good.

    16 'Restricted' Spells - banterlot

    Art image 16
    A great and powerful unicorn...and Trixie...try out a transformation spell. Starlight is loving it; Trixie is having none of it.

    17 Terramar - Mezia

    Art image 17

    18 Miss Fire - Nekotigerfire

    Art image 18
    No colour guys, but I hope you enjoy the fun :P I had to do this quickly before going out to a party thing ^^; hope it looks good to all :3 also I did spike off of memory... soooooo... ya ^^;

    19 WHO'S IN CHARGE ?! - LAuthheure

    Art image 19
    May be my last.

    20 - Spntax

    Art image 20

    21 Shlinkie Pie - Spring Shrub

    Art image 21

    22 The Flutterling - The Vintage Pone

    Art image 22
    Flutter butter as a changling.

    23 A hooman - MusatchedBain

    Art image 23
    Very creative :thumbsup:

    24 Griffonized - el-yeguero

    Art image 24

    25 SHE'S EVOLVING!!!!!!!!! - OctaScratchRock

    Art image 25
    Something happened to our friend Octavia that we may not know until later. Either way, Vinyl can't explain it even though she witnessed the whole thing. Maybe Octavia's getting superpowers! Who will know...

    26 Dog Jack - Rainbows2424

    Art image 26
    A picture of Applejack as a dog. ;)

    27 Spirit Life as a human - Horceye

    Art image 27
    Ugh... Spirit Life might found a portal to EQG

    30 Koala-ity Content - Stone39

    Art image 30
    Okay, that pun would have worked better for Rarity, but here's Nicole anyways! She's excited for the new Australian releases of Season 8!

    31 AppleRam - Lou

    Art image 31
    Not much of a difference, but I thought it'd be neat to see AJ as a Ram sorta character.

    32 EQD ATG Day 6 - Cakestealer

    Art image 32
    I'm going to try and shade more from now on.

    33 ATG Day 6: Amped Up - Mopar96

    Art image 33
    Pinkie tries to figure out the function of an electrical transformer

    35 I Didn't Sign Up For This - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 35
    When you harass your dragonequus friend one too many times and he switches species with you.

    36 'Worst Nightmare' - FoxOfWar

    Art image 36
    A bit of a reversal if you will. What would Cadance do if she found out she was a changeling and somehow didn't know it?

    37 Day 6 - Zypdv-HP

    Art image 37
    My oc as a hippogriff. Sticking to official species for now.
    I swear, I'm better motivated on school days than holidays...

    39 Transforming His Life - Vulpes

    Art image 39
    Shots fired.

    40 Swapped - Allonsbro

    Art image 40

    41 Oh Cluck - Gary Mitchelhill (Rapidsnap)

    Art image 41
    Apple Bloom needs to polish up on her potion making. The one to help Scootaloo to reach her true potental has suffered some unfortunate side effects.

    42 Princess Skystar - Minty Treble

    Art image 42
    I didn't have much time for today's entry, but I wanted to draw a seapony so badly...!! anyway, unoriginal Skystar fanart <3 i="">

    43 Pinkie Yak - Aku Neko

    Art image 43
    So pinkie decided to become a Yak now!

    44 NATG2018 - DAY 6 - Bureau Dash - DarkDabula

    Art image 44
    "You wanted a new challenge, Rainbow Dash !"

    47 Fragility - Matthew

    Art image 47
    To a fictional character, words are like DNA. The slightest mutation can have horrific consequences. The risk is especially high for those entering the Inter-universal zone without proper protection.

    More about a character transforming into another species than actually showing them as another species. I hope this still counts.
    Probably the first submission so far that does not directly exhibit the character of Wordsmith.

    49 Day 6 - Rarideer! - SadTrooper

    Art image 49
    What happens when the majestuosity of Rarity turns into a deer? Rarideer is born!!

    51 FlutterFish - DeluxeFlame

    Art image 51
    Day 6 of Newbie Artist Training Ground: https://www.equestriadaily.com/search/label/Artist%20Training%20Ground

    Scanner didn't pick up the pink all too well.
    I can see how bad my coloring really is now too.
    Tried to highlight characteristics of Fluttershy with fish like things.
    Couldn't settle on a decent mouth/jaw of the fish.

    52 2nd Entry: Deer and Zebra - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 52
    If you look closely, the deer has sparkles on his antlers and tail.
    My ponysona makes a better zebra than expected.

    53 Flurryling - Vivian Iolani

    Art image 53
    Two for one. A pony as a different species, and transforming Cadance's life.

    54 Dragon-Dash - Alquimis

    Art image 54
    I tried doing a Dragon version of Rainbow Dash...but meh

    55 Heifer Time - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 55
    My poor ponysona. She's undergone several animal transformations, and being a young cow is the worst of them all.

    57 06-2018 - alloco

    Art image 57

    59 - LW9510

    Art image 59
    tfw you can only post sketch idea but have no time for actual drawing

    61 Bat Buddies! - Esfelt

    Art image 61
    “Looks like you’re not the only bat around, Fluttershy!�

    62 ..What changeling? - MaiSky

    Art image 62

    63 Dragonfied - Ragmo

    Art image 63
    And it happend again... someone messed with a transfomration spell. But this time it didn't end as a gryphon - but this doesn't mean she's pleased with the transformation overall.

    I don't know why... but whenever a draw another species than ponies, i'm more pleased with the outcome than when i do a pony... except her left hand.
    I had to use my phone again to capture it.

    64 Grifflight Sparkle - Moonatik

    Art image 64
    Beaks with teeth look weird, like, really weird.

    65 Sparkling phoenix - ThatFriendlySomeone

    Art image 65
    Im trying a lot of different things and learning a lot of different techniques with this drawing. Its actually quite exciting ºwº

    As always, have fun seing everyone's art (ov~)

    66 Lyra - Spone

    Art image 66
    Kind of like a seapony, but more of a meme.

    68 Different, but the same - NB

    Art image 68
    A bit under the weather, but I've still managed to make some art for you all!

    69 ATG 6 - Dragon Dash - PixelGrip94

    Art image 69
    Rainbow may not of convinced Twilight to change her into a griffin, but she sure managed to convince Twilight to change her into a dragon...somehow. Twilight seemed awkward to talk about it, but she assured me it wasn't blackmail.

    Made it a point to color this one in to better give the impression that this is Rainbow Dash as a dragon. Don't get used to it though, I probably won't color in any of the other prompts since I doubt I'll have the time, patience, or need to do so.

    71 Human Posada - AaronMk

    Art image 71
    I really do need to practice humans more.

    72 Danger Noodle - T72b

    Art image 72
    Rare Equestrian Ponsnek. Much denger, no step

    74 Trixie is Innocent of all Crimes - dafiltafish

    Art image 74
    This is the first time I have ever drawn a griffon. I think it turned out okay!

    75 Pinkie Poodle visits Twily Poodle, while Dash Poodle "flies" after a ball! - Juliana McMullin

    Art image 75
    Of course I thought of a "Pinkie Poodle"... lol.. I love standard poodles, and have 3 at home plus a couple of minis. They are jokesters, silly, goofy, and very intelligent ;) Twilight's poodle trim is my fav to put my poodle kids in.
    I still can't find my fine-tipped sharpie, and instead of using the computer to outline, I used a black ball point... not happy with that either ;P Guess I have to go shopping!!

    76 Sphinxlestia - TheArticPegasus

    Art image 76
    Gahh I love sphinxes so here's Celestia as one! <3 i="">

    77 Twilight Sparkle the Changedling - Starlight Flux

    Art image 77
    Despite changelings being my favorite species, I haven't drawn them in this years' Equestria Daily's ATG. So I decided to fix that by drawing Twilight as a changedling transforming into her pony form while flying around the Changeling Kingdom.

    78 Sugar Belle - Darelith

    Art image 78
    Day 6 and Still going strong! Sugar Belle had to go through a little bit of a change in order to see her new colt friend and she wanted to improve her baking with Mrs. Cake as well :D

    79 - Pirill

    Art image 79
    Ponkirin geddit?

    80 Endless Possibilities - B.J. Dazzle

    Art image 80
    Well, we're only a fifth of the way through this event, and already Lyra's curiosity is getting the better of her as she starts contemplating all sorts of LIFE-CHANGING possibilities that could be in the box. She's quite fond of the idea that lets her become ANOTHER SPECIES that she's a bit of a fan of, but she's not doing anything with that package if Derpy has anything to say about it.

    81 Ready for the dance - Erik Butterworth

    Art image 81
    I'm a little uncertain about this fitting the topic, so if it is not accepted, I understand, and will try again with a different topic later on in the Training Grounds that fits this piece.

    82 A Little Beach Time Together - Erik Butterworth

    Art image 82
    I don't know about this fitting the topic, so if it is not accepted, I understand, and will try again with a different topic later on in the Training Grounds that fits this piece. It's the best I can think of at the moment from some more recent work I've uploaded within the last year.

    84 Group shot of the Mane Cast - Erik Butterworth

    Art image 84
    This is a big question for me: If some of the other ponies, such as the Princesses, other than Twilight, were to pass through the Crystal Mirror, would their appearances in the world of Equestria Girls look like their human counterparts?

    I'm sure that's a question a lot of Bronies have been asking over the last couple of years.

    86 - sharpshadowxii

    Art image 86
    Argh, I give up.

    88 Don't Have a Cow - Redenaz

    Art image 88
    AJ is on for a long day, it seems.

    89 Good Grief... - Silver Dash

    Art image 89
    "Good grief..."

    90 Lots of change - World Eater

    Art image 90
    Well, he's definitely a different species. Maybe a couple of different species? This is what happens if you get too restless with your spell slinging. But... is that a bad thing?

    91 A Literal Flutterbat - NinjaChristian

    Art image 91
    well, this was a good exercise in creativity! I rarely draw a cartoon of an animal that isn't pony, so this was really good for opening up my mind (if that makes sense). I was going to go with vampire bat, but fruit bats look so much cuter... I think my logic is clear XD

    92 ED: ATG-Day 6: The Changeling Challenge - Addelum

    Art image 92
    Changelings are absurdly good at their ability. Gallus went home hungry that night.
    A tribute to Them's Fightin' Herds, a game where I spent more time drawing fan art than playing.

    95 - ManDuMustBasukaNemen

    Art image 95

    96 Deer twilight - vaser888

    Art image 96

    98 Twilight dear please hurry - don

    Art image 98
    Spike do please bee a gentlepony....

    99 Oh Precous Scales! Your bumper! - don

    Art image 99
    It has the cutest waddle...

    100 Here's Dashie! - don

    Art image 100
    I got nothing

    101 Applemoo - Korencz11

    Art image 101
    Here's a few of my favorite thin's: Kickin' and Stompin' and Ki-

    102 Impressive Wingspan - WerdKcub

    Art image 102
    This was an idea that I just had to revisit from last year's artist training grounds. The prompt was to draw a pony as another species, so naturally I made Rainbow Dash a centaur (or pegataur, really). I wound up trying a bunch of new things that I normally don't have time for, so this was a lot of fun!

    103 Dragon Twi - Xander

    Art image 103
    Twi decided to turn herself into a dragon. Hehe. Did this in the car and in half darkness so it isn't super crisp. Also accidentally made the body a bit small. Lol.

    104 EqD ATG 2018 Day 6 - Pepperbrony

    Art image 104
    Jail Bird gets in touch with his inner Fluttershy, while Batsy goes squirrelly.

    105 NATG D6 - Krash42

    Art image 105
    My take on the fish horses.
    The Joke is sea water tastes really bad

    106 Oops - Amber

    Art image 106
    Starlight wanted help Bones with her apple addiction, but it kinda backfired.

    108 More Awesome - Novaintellus

    Art image 108
    You could say I got...20% cooler.

    109 EQG ATG8 Day 6: Foxicorn - ArrJaySketch

    Art image 109
    Drawn for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground 8, Day 6: "Draw a pony as another species / Draw a pony transforming their life."

    Graphite Doodles is now a foxicorn. He feels his life is pretty thoroughly transformed.

    110 - ZetaMad

    Art image 110
    I did not read the "as", lo siento, no leo bien el ingles :v
    anyway, I love that design and I wanted to draw it

    111 Newbie Artist Training Ground - Day 6: Species swap - Ben V.

    Art image 111
    This is the first time I draw something that is not pony or human or any kind of normal domestic pet.
    How should I call her... Sphinambula? Somnambulhynx? Cat pone of Hope?

    112 Meeting a best friend - Mike/Wizrob

    Art image 112
    This is kinda a near and dear moment of how I met my real best friend. @Ether-star on Tumblr

    113 The Little Mermare - EbonyCrystal1986

    Art image 113

    This was a redraw of one of the mini drawings I did for the last makeup day for last year's ATGs(check link for other pic). I decided to do an updated version of Ebony's sea pony form thanks to the designs from the MLP movie(LOVED it btw!) and it came out even better than I thought it would! :3

    Also in case you haven't guessed, the title's a play on words to The Little Mermaid, which holds a very special place in my heart as being one of the very first Disney movies I ever saw as a little girl and it's been one of my favorites ever since. :3

    114 Fluffle Spider - Frith

    Art image 114
    It's insane just how long it took to just colour this in (in MyPaint). It didn't help that I traced the lines from my pencil sketch on to the wrong layer and I had to do it over or give up on layers. Still, colour help convey that this spider is Flufflepuff. I was thinking of transforming Fluttershy (with a parasprite Angel Bunny) but then I saw Vida Van Der Walt's lovely jumping spiders. There was this _really_ fluffy one... it was a shoe-in for Flufflepuff. OK, 1 AM EDT, is the submitter still open? Yes it is!

    115 NATG #6: Another Species - Huxley

    Art image 115
    I thought Fluttershy would make a good siren with her beautiful voice and devious streak which has emerged in recent seasons with her growing self-assurance. I don't think I quite conveyed the latter but I'm okay with how I did today nonetheless.

    I also had fun drawing Angel as a fish. :)

    116 Steampunk Breezie - PfH Mod

    Art image 116
    EQD Artist training ground prompt day c; As another Species/Changing their life

    SteamPunk Breezie? Why not- credit me with first idea-

    Mech wing pony belonging to @friendlypsycho

    117 2018 ATG VIII - Day 6 - Transformation - KirbyLiscious

    Art image 117
    "Twilight, if this is what it'd take to stay with you forever, then... then I'd do it."
    "...Me too, Spike."

    119 What? Patch and Windy are Evolving! - phallen1

    Art image 119
    When you're a Pokemon, what's more life-transforming than your next evolution? Software Patch as a Munchlax and Snorlax, Windcatcher as a Swablu (Swapink?) and Altaria.

    120 Deer Princess Twilight - Lollipony

    Art image 120
    Haha you get it? Eh?? Eh???
    You're no fawn. I'll see myself out...

    122 ATG VIII - Day 6: Adventure - LightDragon1988

    Art image 122
    Today interesting work - two pony into the role of the characters from another famed universe: Sonic the Hadgehog.

    125 ATG Day6 - Little Pipsqueak - King-koder

    Art image 125
    *tiny nibbling noises*

    127 PINKIE! - Bombom13

    Art image 127
    Ran out of time today, so had to move quick. Still waiting to have a go at digital art.

    128 Tony Manecotti Honors His Dream - TaichiKeaton

    Art image 128
    Tony Manecotti used to be a big mob boss in Las Pegasus, until he met Belle who convinced him to turn over a new leaf.

    129 NAGT VIII Day 6 - Cheesy Puffs

    Art image 129
    Derpy transforms her life by finally getting a job.

    130 I'm taking the watch too - sodanium

    Art image 130
    Nothing to change somepony's life like permanently putting them to sleep and assuming ownership of their belongings

    131 It's Sigcat! / It's a cat! - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 131
    You've cat to be kitten me ...

    Well, I may as well make the meowst of it!

    132 Fluttercar - Kishkumen

    Art image 132
    Fluttershy as a Mercedes SLK. Rarity would be a Ferrari, Rainbow Dash is a supercharged Corvette, and Pinkie Pie is a Mazda Miata.

    133 Ahuizotl's Monsters - Binky T.

    Art image 133
    EQD Needs more monster ponies.

    Ahuizotl was always well known for the antics he puts his henchponies through. He always put them through a lot of work and trouble... This time howeverwas different, he wanted to do something that even he himself had doubts of doing... performing ancient magic his tribe performed long ago on them. It was supposed to be a run of a mill experiment that would last not even _a day._ Yet somewhere in that test, something went wrong. Daring Do, meet Ahuizotl's monsters.

    Doctor Caballeron-Sphinx: Was supposed to become a griffon.
    Withers- Lamia: Was supposed to become a snake.
    Biff- Ahuizotl Hybrid: Was supposed to become a jackal, but Ahuizotl accidentally added more of his DNA to the potion.
    Deep Pockets- Mothpony: Was only supposed to sprout moth wings.
    Nogan: Just in case something happened where the rest couldn't be saved, he would be the next one to work for Ahuizotl. Is unfortunately allergic to cats, but Ahuizotl is working on it.

    134 - aeman

    Art image 134

    135 Cosmic Glitter in changeling style - Selin Nur

    Art image 135
    I could not draw anything in the past two days, because I was feeling bad and didn't have any motivation. But I am very happy to be here again, training my pony-drawing skills and getting to see a lot of awesome pony art of other bronies/pegasisters. I like the new changelings very much and thought it would fit in with the pastel colours of my oc.

    136 Snuggle - RhythmPixel

    Art image 136
    Little late, busy for more than half the day.
    Couldn't decide which species, so both lamia and deer. Also snuggles.

    137 A Rare Dragon - Calena

    Art image 137
    Rarity as a dragon.

    139 Snapity - SazerLite

    Art image 139
    Snapper x Rarity