• Felicia Day (Pear Butter) Takes Home A Behind The Voice Actors Award

    Pear Butter has taken the top spot for Best Female Vocal Performance in the Behind the Voice Actor awards. She was up against some pretty big names, including Nicole Oliver's Daybreaker, but it would be pretty tough to beat dat song.

    You can find the full list over here.

    Unfortunately, a bunch of others lost. You can find the list below!

    Didn't Win:

    - Tara Strong as Twilight Sparkle {My Little Pony: The Movie}
    - Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow Dash {My Little Pony: The Movie}
    - Emily Blunt as Tempest Shadow {My Little Pony: The Movie}
    - Uzo Aduba as Queen Novo {My Little Pony: The Movie}
    - The Entire Ensemble Cast {My Little Pony: The Movie}
    - Nicole Oliver as Daybreaker (A Royal Problem)
    - Mackenzie Gray as Dandy Grandeur (Fluttershy Leans In)

    Thanks to Andrew for the heads up and the list.