• Patreon Celebration - March - Ponies at the BEACH

    Sorry about how late this one is. I have to admit, I completely forgot to compile it. Blame Season 8 and... Darkest Dungeon. I've been so addicted to it. It's basically up all day while I work on EQD.

    ANYWAY, time for monthly patreon celebrations! Thanks once again to all of our supporters. A few people have requested we take Bitcoin/Etherium/Nano/Neo/Whatevercoin donations,  so I'll look into those for those that want to avoid Patreon entirely. For everyone else, you can find out page for that over here!

    Anyway, get your celebration below!

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Jordan Sear

    Rainbowdox - "Every single pony has a place in someone's heard. Be nice to others waifus!"

    Stefan - "Thanks for another whole year of PoniPoniPoni! Here's looking forward to season 8, 9, Gen 5, and beyond!"

    Ryan Walsh - "less than a month to go, the end of the the hiatus is in sight and I for one am ready to get schooled"

    Lahirien - "Hey kids, wanna buy some friendship?"

    Shadowkrosser - "Tolerance is passive hate. Nothing short of acceptance is acceptable."

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    Cover to the story "A different Perspective" from Goldfur

    From Wessel

    Luster - "Take a moment to look back on how far we've come. This fandom is amazing, and we have a whole new season to look forward to. Are you ready, everypony?"

    Niels - looking forward to the new season!

    Chill at the Beach