• Online Convention HAHcon is Tomorrow

    Want in on the MLP convention scene but don't feel like traveling? HAHcon has returned for it's third year, filled with a giant pile of stuff to check out as they livestream all day long.

    Head on down below for the details

    MLP Online Convention This Weekend
    Horses At Home is a free convention that happens entirely on the internet. All day on March 3 you can tune in to livestreams hosted by MLP fans about everything pony under the sun and moon: live DJ music mixing, art, game shows, video games, plushies, comics, hot dog cooking, and even hypnosis (yes, you read that right). Check the schedule to find the streams you want to go to!

    HAHcon has events for everybody, including kids-safe and adults-only events. Each livestream has a content rating next to it in the schedule.

    Saturday, March 3 (all day)
    “Main Hall” Chat Forum: http://discord.gg/ZXDpQpR (we use Discord)

    If you've read this far and would like to support the con, you can pick up an optional $5 print-your-own supporter badge from our store. https://www.hahcon.com/store/