• Discussion: Do You Still Keep Your Pony Love a Secret?

    Many of us have been here for eight years now, and over that time we've seen a surge of pony in popular culture, followed by a rapid decline as people jump ship for other flavor-of-the-year brands. For a good long year or two, openly loving the cartoon horse was trendy, at least on the internet.

    Of course, this doesn't always translate perfectly into real life. The show is still called "My Little Pony", which many people see as a cartoon made specifically for little girls. The concept of "brony" even from the very beginning wasn't exactly glamorous, but our gigantic community makes it easy to spend all day talking about colorful horses without much issue.

    With the inescapable stigma looming overhead, many have kept their pony side a secret. "Revealing your power-level", or openly loving the pony has become a meme in itself. Where do you fall in this crowd? Have you told your friends and family that you can't get enough of whoever your favorite pony is? Or do you keep it all bottled up in a dark corner of your room where no one is allowed while joining the masses in silence?

    Discuss below!