• Derpy Day Arrives March 1st! Come Derp With Us

    Derpy Day returns for it's annual event on the 1st of March! While the history on this harkens way back to the early fandom when she was nearly deleted, we've gobbled it up as part of our yearly pony calendar to celebrate specific equines each month.

    As with last year, there will be art, media, discussions, and more all dedicated to her. Hit up the submit box and title your email DERPY DAY followed by whatever category you are submitting to. Example - "DERPY DAY - Art". As always, we will have a training grounds style open art post for all who want to give it a shot, plus plenty of other compilations dedicated to everyone's favorite wall-eyed mare.

    For previous years Derp-filled madness, you can get the label for it over here.