• Galacon 2018 Opens Ticket Sales And Announced Kelly Sheridan

    For those looking to head to Ludwigsburg in the upcoming summer: GalaCon has opened ticket sales! Make sure to grab your tickets for entry over here.

    In addition to that it seems the convention will see a visit by Twilight's former student: Kelly Sheridan, best known in pony for the voice of Starlight Glimmer, will be attending the con as a guest of honor.

    Find the press release below the break!

    All aboard for your adventure around Equestria! Under this year's convention Motto "Around Equestria in 80 Days", you can join Canni Soda on her exciting trip to explore the most beautiful, most adventurous and most spectacular places.

    Tickets can be purchased from now on on our ticket site.

    Of course, a real classy adventure trip is not complete without some prominent voyagers to share one or two worthwile conversations with.

    We are hence proud to announce our first Guest of Honor - Kelly Sheridan, voice actress from Canada. Within her more than 20 years of experience, she has not only lent her voice to our most beloved reformed villain and best new student Starlight Glimmer, but also to Sassy Saddles, Misty Fly and more show characters.

    She is also known from other animated series and films as the voice of Barbie, The Scarlet Witch and many more.

    So there´s more than just one reason to be excited to meet her at GalaCon 2018!

    More guests of honor are yet to be announced. For details about tickets, please see our ticket site or ask via e-mail at [email protected]