• Big Update for Starved for Light Game - New Graphics and Recruitment!

    The team behind the awesome looking, and now even more awesome looking Starved for Light have released a giant update on their progress with the game. The graphics have gotten a huge overall, with loads of new details to really bring the world to life.

    They have sent over around 30 new screenshots to show it all off, and have some recruiting going on for concept artists and programmers. Head on down below the break to read about it and check out some pictures!

    -- Dev Journals --

    They have been doing a monthly segment on YouTube, a journal explaining what's new and what's changed in the Development of the game. There are currently 5 released journals and the 6th is on its way.
    If you'd like to keep up to date with the progress, we highly suggest visiting the YouTube channel for these videos or most importantly, their Twitter page, on which they are most active.


    Here is their most recent Dev Journal!:

    -- Hiring! --

    The Exiled Game Team is rather small so they are looking to expand the team! They are in need of talented Concept Artists to assist in conceptualizing elements for the game. They also need experienced Programmers to help put Starved for Light characters and levels into action!

    If you're interested in applying for either
    Concept Artist

    Please visit the website for further details and how to contact them!


    -- Discord --

    You are encouraged to join the public Discord server: