• EXCLUSIVE: Hasbro Toybox Quarterly: Fun for All Revealed—Synposis, Artists, and Writer!

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    Hasbro and IDW have teamed up to released a quarterly comic which will reprint comics from My Little Pony, Hanazuki, and… that looks like that's it for this second issue.

    Oh you're wondering about the first issue? Turns out that one is coming out on December 27th 2017.

    Be sure to check out the solicitation after the break!

    Hasbro Toybox Quarterly: Fun for All
    Various (w & a) • Key art (c)

    More all-ages Hasbro fun awaits, in this, the second edition of Hasbro Toybox Quarterly! Reprints stories from all your favorite comics, including MY LITTLE PONY, HANAZUKI, and more!

    FC • 48 pages • $5.99