• EQLA Welcomes Aynsley King!

    EQLA is quickly approaching and even though the convention has announced their final curtain call the guests are still rolling in to make this convention a blast! This time around they have Aynsley King to announce, a storyboarder for all things pony and a comic artist!

    Find out all about her after the break.

    It takes an army to make our favorite shows. Equestria LA wants to give a spotlight to everyone we can! We are so pleased to welcome the fantastic Aynsley King, storyboard artist for My Little Pony.
    Aynsley has been working with DHX for several years. Her projects include Transformers Rescue Bots, Littlest Pet Shop, and several My Little Pony properties. Her efforts include episodes such as The Cutie Re-Mark, A Royal Problem, Amending Fences, What About Discord, and Campfire Tales.  Along with her work on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Aynsley has also worked on Equestria Girls. Equestria Girls titles that feature her work include Friendship Games and Rainbow Rocks.  Aynsley’s work can also be seen in the upcoming My Little Pony: The Movie!

    When Aynsley isn’t working on some of our favorite animation she is working on her comic series Cats with Hats. Come visit her in our vendor hall and support an indie comic creator!

    Equestria LA is thrilled to be Aynsley’s first My Little Pony convention. We have so many questions about her work on the movie waiting till November is going to be difficult!  Will this be your first convention as well? Whether it’s your first or your hundred and first be sure to pick up you badge before prices go up! Grab your membership for this November 17th-19th. Get started by visiting us at: https://equestriala.com/registration/begin
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